Felix Jones: New Star Shining in The Lone Star State

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IOctober 6, 2008

Jerry Jones sure hit a home run with this one.

This summer when Jones supposedly demanded that Felix Jones, a product of his beloved Arkansas, be drafted in the first round despite possible problems in his defensive secondary among other places, critics wondered if it was the right move.

After all, the Cowboys already had Marion Barber, Julius Jones, and a damn good passing game. But I guess you can't ever have too many weapons and I'm sure Jerry is glad he made the move now.

Simply put, Felix is a game-breaker. The dude gets to the end zone, is dynamic, fast, strong, tough, and smart. It's no coincidence that in Dallas' one loss, he didn't get any touches.

So now, the Cowboys are more deadly then ever. If they play it smart and actually pound the football with two of the better backs in the league, definitely one of the best tandems, they should be a lock for the Super Bowl.

No team has had a vertical threat to compliment a deadly running game like this since the Rams of the late '90s, or maybe even the Cowboys 15 years back.

So with that, I will be jumping on this Felix Jones bandwagon early.

One ticket for Felixville please...

The kid is averaging NINE FREAKING YARDS A CARRY, and he returns kicks! I know that he won't put up those numbers in a starters role, but it's obvious he is this year's Adrian Peterson, and should get progressively more touches.

One thing is for sure; Felix's star is taking off. And despite my annoyance with the Cowboys, Tony Romo, and T.O., I'm definitely enjoying watching.