The Ultimate Fighter: The 10 Best Moments in History (With Video)

Tim GrovesCorrespondent IApril 6, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter: The 10 Best Moments in History (With Video)

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    There have been 13 seasons of mischief, mayhem and fights.  From the good coaches (Georges St-Pierre) to the bad (Rampage Jackson), we have enjoyed every season of The Ultimate Fighter.

    There have been fighters, bad boys and just plain idiots.  There have been words exchanges, drunken confrontations and even some fighting mixed in along the way.

    Let's count down 10 of the most memorable moments from The Ultimate Fighter.

10. Josh Koscheck Has a Problem with Male Nurses

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    While the video can't be embedded, check above to view the beginnings of the bad blood between Josh Koscheck and Tate, the male nurse. 

    As you can see, it started out as nothing but fun and games.  Fans of the show know that it escalated rather quickly afterwards.  Video of the fight between the two is out there somewhere on the Internet, but I couldn't find it. 

    In the end though, it seems as if Tate got the last laugh with the beating St-Pierre handed Koscheck at UFC 124.

9. The Ongoing Feud Between Rampage Jackson and Titties

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    From the moment Darrill Schoonover stepped on the set of The Ultimate Fighter, Rampage Jackson dubbed him "Titties".

    The former light heavyweight had bulked up to heavyweight for the 10th season of the reality show and had developed some man boobs along the way.  Jackson immediately pointed it out.

    Tempers flared and Schoonover threatened to drop to 205 to kick Rampage's "ass".  Jackson didn't like the sound of that.

8. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock Cannot Get Along

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    "Yeah you little ***** monkey!"

    One of the most well known insults in the entire history of The Ultimate Fighter.

    Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock had some ongoing beef headed into this season of The Ultimate Fighter.  They made sure to let views know how they felt about each other along the way.  Multiple confrontations throughout the season culminated in the above clip. 

    We all know that Ortiz spanked Shamrock when they finally got in the Octagon.

7. Georges St-Pierre Has a Strategy

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    Josh Koscheck fell for the strategy hook, line and sinker.

    Maybe it's how gullible Koscheck ends up looking or that goofy smile that St-Pierre ends up having by the end of the clip, but watching all of this unfold again is pure gold. 

    Tricking Koscheck into taking his boy by placing him number one on your own list?

    In the words of Dana White, "Well played Georges St-Pierre."

6. Junie Browning Going Crazy

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    There's really nothing to say.  Junie Browning simply goes off on almost the entire cast of season 8.  The welterweight calls out light heavyweights Ryan Bader and Krysysztof Soszynski among others.

    The video above simply pales in comparison to what Browning has managed to do after the show though.

5. B.J. Penn Tells It Like It Is

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    B.J. Penn has never shied away from his thoughts and feelings.  After watching Andy Wang throw every game plan out the window and brawl his way to a defeat, Penn felt no remorse for the fighter.

    The contrasting view points of Penn and Wang are a joy to watch.  Seeing Wang talk so highly of himself in between shots of him crying is amazing.  Throw in Penn's commentary on the situation and you have one of the best moments in The Ultimate Fighter history.

4. Matt Serra Verbally Beats Down Marc Laimon

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    Not often do you see someone verbally undress someone like Matt Serra does in this video.

    Fed up with Laimon's continued criticism towards actual fighters, Serra takes into upon himself to put Laimon in his place.  Laimon can do nothing but sit and take the verbal beating that Serra doles out. 

    How Laimon just sat there and took it, I'll never know.

3. Ramapge Jacksons Sucker Comment

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    This video really treats us to two amazing moments on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

    In the beginning we get to see Rampage get seriously frustrated with a door on the set of the show after losing yet another fight. 

    The end of the video is where it gets really good though.  While Evans usually got the best of the back and forth banter, it's hard to imagine a better comeback than what Jackson had in store for Evans. 

    Watch as Evans treats Jackson like a sucker.

2. Chris Leben Goes Beserk

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    After a night of drinking and crap talking, Bobby Southworth said some pretty low things directed towards Chris "The Crippler" Leben.  Leben didn't take kindly to them and was rightfully furious at Southworth.

    Fellow teammates kept the two from going at it, but Leben decided to spend the night outdoors in order to cool down. 

    Koscheck and Southworth continued to drink.  They threw stuff in the pool and generally acted belligerent.  Finally the two decided to spray the sleeping Leben with the hose.

    Leben did not find it funny.

1. Forrest Griffin Vs. Stephan Bonnar

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    It's the fight that arguably brought mixed martial arts into the mainstream.  The first season of The Ultimate Fighter.  Two warriors going at it.  Without this fight, who knows where MMA would be today.