Chris Heisey Could Make the Cincinnati Reds MLB's First 4-Man Outfield

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIApril 6, 2011

Chris Heisey
Chris HeiseyRob Tringali/Getty Images

After watching the early play of outfielder Chris Heisey, it could be a reasonable plan to institute a four-man outfield.

No, I don’t mean four players in the outfield like a beer softball league; I am talking about each of the outfielders taking a day off every three or four games.

Since Heisey is the only one with real game experience playing all three positions, it would make sense to me to have him rotate each position.

Let me explain.

Have Jonny Gomes in left, Drew Stubbs in center and Jay Bruce in right one game. The next game, have Gomes sit and put Heisey in left field. The next game you could have Stubbs sitting and Heisey playing in center field. Then Bruce would sit and Heisey would play right field.

Round and round it goes, with Heisey taking a day off after each revolution. Of course, if someone was riding a red-hot streak, he could be exempt from being bumped until cooling off.

Gomes is just too good at getting on base and hitting with men on base to not have him start. He leads the National League in walks.

Stubbs is just starting to come into full stride, running the bases like he should.

Bruce is in a season-beginning slump, but he has 40 home runs just waiting to get started.

Heisey has hit well when he has played thus far. Last night in the Reds' 8-2 rout of the Houston Astros, he was 1-2 with three RBI. He walked with the bases loaded, scoring one run and was HBP with the bases loaded again scoring a run.

Heisey’s time has come. It makes no sense to see a talent such as he is riding the pines. He makes things happen and I believe he could be a starter for quite a few MLB teams.

Much like the catching tandem of Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan, an outfield crew platoon of Gomes, Stubbs, Bruce and Heisey would seem like a stroke of genius.

The Reds are off to the best start since 1990 and are doing everything right thus far. I don’t think an arrangement like that would hurt anyone, physically or emotionally.

This could keep everyone fresher and at the same time not being idle long enough to rust out.

What are your thoughts?