Atlético Madrid Intend to Offer Contract to Unborn Youngster

GuidoAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2017

Many clubs sign players at ever younger ages, a practice also called "cradle robbing" by some critics. Spanish side Atlético Madrid plan on taking cradle robbing to a whole new level, as they intend to offer a contract to someone who hasn't even been born yet.

Los Colchoneros chairman Enrique Cerezo is convinced football talent is passed down to a new generation by genetics. Seeing as Diego Maradona's daughter Gannina is pregnant with a son from Atlético starlet Sergio "Kun" Agüero, Cerezo intends to sign the youngster soon after birth, claiming that "he'll be our youngest signing ever.

The unborn boy is already at the centre of a bit of controversy by Spanish and Argentine officials. Gannina is scheduled to have her baby in February, in Madrid. Argentine officials are worried that the boy will not be eligible to play for Argentina in the future.

According to the future father, there's no need to worry for Argentine fans and no need to hope for Spanish fans. Immediately after birth, Agüero will drive down to the Argentine embassy and register Maradona's grandson, giving him an Argentine passport.

It's probably a hoax message, but it's a nice example at how worked up people can get over what is arguably the most beautiful game on earth. Lighten up and stop making such a fuss about a small child that hasn't been born yet.