The IWC Doesn't Have a Clue and, If They Ran the WWE, Wrestling Would Be Dead

Josh McCainSenior Writer IApril 6, 2011

Suck it Fanboys
Suck it FanboysJ. Meric/Getty Images

To quote Popyee the Sailorman, "I can stands a lot, but I can't stands no more."

Since Monday I've seen a ton of negative reviews of WrestleMania, numerous articles such as "Top 10 Things I Hated about WrestleMania." Then after RAW, a ton of people were angry about having to wait a year to see Rock vs. Cena. Then today, there is an article about why Cena is bad for business for the WWE.

To everyone out there who thinks they know better than Vince McMahon and WWE creative, I've got two words for you, shut up.

You have no idea what it takes to run a billion-dollar corporation, nor do you have the first inclination on how the entertainment industry works.

The Internet Wrestling Community is no better than Hollywood fanboys who constantly complain about Hollywood only making plot-less remakes all the time.

The IWC spends night and day complaining about John Cena this and John Cena that and how he's holding back this Superstar or that Superstar.

Give me a break.

John Cena isn't holding anyone back. What is holding other Superstars back is what has held Superstars back in any past company: Their inability to sell tickets and merchandise.

The IWC likes to think they're in the majority of fans and what sells in the WWE, but they're not.

Kids are still what push revenue for the WWE, and guess what, kids want to see John Cena.

However, I will take this moment to give a reprieve to the IWC.  You were spoiled back in the '90s. 

The Attitude era of professional wrestl—er, um, sports entertainment—was the IWC fanboy's wet dream.

Guys with attitude ruled.  Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, D-X, the n.W.o and the ultimate good guy Hulk Hogan turned heel.

But that era, like all eras, has come to its end.  This is now the PG era, with the WWE returning to what it was in the '80s, and that's an emphasis on family entertainment.

Vince isn't doing this because he has some sort of grudge against the IWC and wants to stick it to them.  Granted, I doubt he has any love lost for the IWC.

No, Vince has unleashed the PG era on the WWE because fiscally it makes sense for him to do so.

Vince is a showman and has given us the great gift of the WWE, but he's a businessman as well.

Moves and bookings that might piss off the IWC are done because WWE creative feels it will maximize profitability for the WWE.

Right now, if the loudest in the IWC were given one year to run the WWE, I can guarantee profits would be way down.


Because while they might push guys who are far superior in the ring, these same guys wouldn't drive merchandise or ticket sales.

Listen, I love Christian. I think he's one of the most underused guys in the WWE, but I get why he's a mid-carder and Edge has held the Heavyweight title for was seems like 339 times.

Edge (even as the Rated R Superstar) sold merchandise and tickets.  As a heel he was a great foil for John Cena, and currently as a face he excites the populous (not John Cena excitement, but he does well for SmackDown).

I remember when Rey Mysterio first won the Heavyweight Title.  My jaw dropped.  I always loved Mysterio in the WCW as a cruiserweight, but I just couldn't accept him as the champ.  

Regardless of my acceptance of Rey Mysterio as the champ, the WWE knew what they were doing at the time.

Do you remember how many of those masks they sold to kids in that time span?

So no matter what you do or how loudly you complain, the WWE is always going to cater to the masses and not to those who really follow the business.

You really have two options here.  You can do what I finally struggled to do: Accept that Cena is going to be the top dog for a while, enjoy the programing and root for that guy you mark out on when he's on television jobbing to Cena.

Or, you can just quit watching the WWE.