KG to LA McHale Listening to Trade Offers for Kevin Garnett

Dave FinocchioSenior Writer IJune 18, 2007

IconEarth to Jerry Buss,
I guess someone has to spell this one out for you.  As I detailed two weeks ago when Kobe Bryant began this PR crusade, there is a solution that allows you to save face and save your franchise.

Trade for Kevin Garnett.

Now that it's clear he's available, do whatever you need to do put Kevin Garnett on the same floor with Kobe Bryant. Even if you have to give up Bynum, Odom, Brown, the 19th pick and next years pick—just make it happen.

No, maybe on some level it's not in the best long-term interest of the Lakers. But this isn't about long-term interest; it's about keeping Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles. And at this point, nothing short of KG's presence will appease Bryant. And nothing short of a happy Bryant will appease the L.A. fan base.
It's time to face the realization that Kobe isn t screwing around. He's not going to fall for some cheap parlor trick involving Zach Randolph or Rashard Lewis. He going to win now, and that s the end of it.

None of us want to see Kobe in another jersey next season. So if you have to bring back West to make the deal, do it. If you have to sell your son's Ferraris, do it—just make it happen.