NHL Videos: The 10 Most Hilarious Hockey Interviews

Mark Della Posta@markdellapostaContributor IIIApril 7, 2011

NHL Videos: The 10 Most Hilarious Hockey Interviews

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    Len Redkoles/Getty Images

    Hockey players, for the most part, aren't the most entertaining bunch.

    In fact, most people who've seen a hockey interview will tell you that there isn't much there in terms of entertainment value.

    Hockey players, perhaps more than any other athletes, tend to regurgitate the same old sports cliches we've been hearing for years.

    Every once in a while, however, a hockey interview goes a little off the rocker. Every once in a while, hockey players open up and have us laughing our "you know whats" off.

    Here are the top 10 funniest hockey interviews.

10. Henrik Lundqvist

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    There isn't anything particularly funny about what's being said in this interview. In fact, it seems like the normal hockey interview we all know an love.

    Then you start to notice how close Stan Fischler is getting to Lundqvist. The Rangers netminder can barely hold in his laughter as Fischler tries to determine what type cologne he's wearing.

9. Scott Gomez

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    Gomez makes his first of three appearances on this list. Here, he turns a perfectly normal interview into a supremely awkward moment.

8. Jeremy Roenick

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    This may be the most awkward hockey interview in recent memory. From Roenick and Weeks getting his position wrong, commenting on his suits and demanding that he starts singing on camera, this interview has it all.

    If you look closely, there's a moment halfway through the interview that Byfuglien looks like he's ready to pound both Weeks and Roenick into the ground.

7. Scott Gomez

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    This interview starts out pretty normal. Elliot Friedman asks Gomez about his team's performance the night before.

    Things start to get a little awkward at the 55-second mark, however, when Gomez brings up what he wants for Christmas.

6. Jonathan Toews

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    Fresh off winning his second gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships, Jonathan Toews has some trouble controlling his vocabulary.

    Perhaps the funnier moment, however, is the face he makes once he realizes he swore on national television.

5 Jason Spezza

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    Jason Spezza's laugh is reminiscent of either a really nerdy kid who picks his nose and laughs during sex ed or of a psycho horror movie clown.

    You be the judge.

4. Ilya Bryzgalov

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    Why you heff to be med?

3. Scott Gomez

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    Gomez makes his third and final appearance on this list. In this interview, he and the commentator start throwing some verbal jabs at one another.

    It's curious how a guy wearing Crocs in public can comment on someone else's attire.

2. Jordan Staal

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    He likes it backdoor...

1. Patrick Roy

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    Perhaps the greatest comeback in hockey history.