WWE Raw Results: Alberto Del Rio Gained Nothing by Beating Evan Bourne

Jack WindhamAnalyst IApril 5, 2011

Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio

Momentum is a big thing for a pro wrestler.

Alberto Del Rio gained a lot of momentum by winning the Royal Rumble. He lost a lot of it back by losing cleanly to Edge at Wrestlemania 27.

After a wrestler loses momentum, the writers have to come up with a way to start rebuilding that. Del Rio definitely was one of the guys that needed their efforts on Monday Night Raw.

Instead, the writers took the easy way out. Their excuse was that they were really occupied with the Rock and Steve Austin being on the show.

So, Del Rio was placed in a squash match against Evan Bourne. He picked up the win, but he didn't pick up any momentum.

As talented as Bourne is, he's on the lower level of the ladder in WWE. Beating up on him isn't going to make you seem any more of a threat to the World Heavyweight Championship than before.

Wrestling fans have already accepted that Bourne is just going to be one of those guys that gets the occasional spot on Monday Night Raw. He's not going to win a lot of matches, but he will dazzle fans with his high flying arsenal of moves.

If WWE really wants to keep Del Rio relevant, then they need to have him doing something more than just a squash match.


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