What Happened to CM Punk and HBK Screwjob backstage?

JAY JacksonContributor IOctober 5, 2008

CM Punk was thrown to the side to make hype for the Y2J and HBK rivalry.

This was a very unfair move on CM Punk. Not only did he not lose his title, they even haven't let the man have a rematch or put him on TV at all. He didn't even have a match at this PPV, so where is he now?

I believe WWE is trying to cook something up with CM Punk and Randy Orton, which is like a given seeing that Randy is the one to cost the Straight Edge Superstar the belt.

But with the rumor that Randy Orton is making this new third-generation faction, how will all this work out with CM Punk? Something really needs to be put in order, because WWE really needs to stop wasting good talent.

With many main eventers having serious injuries, this list includes The Undertaker, Edge, Jeff Hardy, and superstars who are out for injuries like Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy and Gregory Helms. WWE cannot risk losing another superstar right now, especially CM Punk.

This thing with the world title is almost like the Screw Job with HBK again. Come on now, let's think about HBK is Best Friends with Triple H who is the future owner of this business so there is no way someone can't say HBK didn't have the power to push this deal for CM Punk to lose the title.

Also HBK doesn't need another title run; his name will live on with WWE forever. But the big question is: Will they let CM Punk Have a another run at the title or to be a main eventer again. For the WWE, I hope so.