WWE: Sin Cara Makes Debut and Targets US Champion

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 5, 2011

This Monday night on Raw Sin Cara, formerly known a Mistico, made his long-awaited debut. Whilst many were expecting him to go to the blue brand to join fellow Mexican superstars Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio, he instead went to Raw.

Months ago when Cara was signed by the WWE there was speculation as to where he would go and who his first feud would be.

I even wrote an article about five people I thought he would have a good feud with.

I had other superstars in my mind, but I chose the ones I thought could best bring out the style of Cara and get him over with the fans.

One name that never crossed my mind however, was Sheamus. Although this is precisely who his first feud looks set to be with.

Having been victorious over Daniel Bryan once more, Sheamus continued to mercilessly  assault Bryan post-match, possibly to show an even more aggressive side to the man who had been on a long losing streak until lately.

With vignettes airing for Cara for the past month showing off his unique offense and high-flying style, it was said he would be debuting on Raw at last.

With much of Raw over and the last 20 or so minutes seemingly dedicated to The Rock and John Cena once again, it seemed like his debut was not coming after all.

During the aforementioned Sheamus assault, Cara’s music would hit and the man in the blue mask would finally appear. With little time for a match there was wonder to how much he could accomplish.

He set his sights on Sheamus straight away, pointing to him in the ring before running down the ramp.

He attempted a dive over into the ring, but unfortunately botched it by hitting the top rope with his stomach, but not enough to slow down his momentum.

He proceeded to give Sheamus a hurricanrana before hitting him to the outside apron with a dropkick followed by swift kick to the head.

It was then he showed how high he could fly by climbing to the top rope and jumping what must have been 15 feet in the air and landing on Sheamus, before heading back up the ramp.

The crowd was somewhat pumped for his debut, whilst I was very excited. As soon as his music hit I jumped up in excitement, scaring my wife and son.

With their highly contrasting styles, Sheamus being a powerhouse, can they work together in the ring?

If they can, then they definitely have the potential to put on some great back-and-forth matches.

With Sin Cara heading straight to the main roster, rather than go through development first, could they be pushing him towards the United States Championship straight away, or will they just use Sheamus to get him over with the fans?

If they are giving him a push then could it be long before we see a new U.S. Champion, and if not then will seeing him go over Sheamus eventually lead him to championship glory?

With many a superstar failing to make an impact after quick pushes, it could be more likely that they just want to see Cara over with the fans and then build him up slower.

A feud with the perennial bad guy Sheamus could see him go over very quickly and garner a large fan base in no time at all.

If they use Cara right then he could be a big hit with the fans, young kids in particular.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Sin Cara debut since he was signed and finally he was here. He didn’t disappoint me at all.

I’m hoping for more of the same from him and even more, as long as he doesn’t botch his entrance again, of course.

Needless to say, I look forward to next week’s edition of Raw with eagerness.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.