Can We Start Over?: 6 "If's" That Could Have Made Mondays Title Game Watchable

Matt SheehanAnalyst IApril 5, 2011

Can We Start Over?: 6 "If's" That Could Have Made Mondays Title Game Watchable

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    First off, I would like to congratulate the UConn Huskies on their third-ever national championship, that’s a huge honor for the team and coach Jim Calhoun.

    Second of all, does anyone know a good eye doctor? Yesterday’s NCAA tournament final was bar none the hardest championship game I’ve ever had to watch in any sport, and it just wasn’t a suiting game to end on considering how great the rest of the tournament was. If only these seven factors were in yesterday’s title game, we would have been lucky enough to witness one of the most historical games in college basketball history.

If Andrew Smith Played Somewhat Well.

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    In words of the great Charlie Brown, “Oh brother.” The 6'11" center was just one big eyesore last night shooting 2-9 and putting up five points. Early in the game, and this isn’t on paper, Smith raised questions whether he dipped his hands in hot butter before the game when it was apparent he couldn’t hold onto the ball on rebounds or loose balls. I know he had a decent number of rebounds, nine to be exact, but that number could have been well in the double digits if he had his hands with him Monday night.

If Both Teams Came out Firing Like Championship Worthy Teams.

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    In words of the great Charlie Sheen, “C’mon bro, I won best picture at 20. I wasn’t even trying. I wasn’t even warm." Okay, now take the second part of that quote and that’s what you got for the first 10 minutes of the game. It took until the 10:18 mark in the first half for both teams to finally hit double digits, and it seemed like a very long 9:42 for that matter. The game started out somewhat promising with a score of 3-4, but after that it was more than three minutes till the next basket was made.

If Butler Brought a Post Presence.

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    Guys, high-fiving isn't going to get the job done (though it did make a great picture).Pool/Getty Images

    I hate to drag Andrew Smith back into this, so I’ll bring his buddy Matt Howard in the dog pound with him. Seriously gang, only two points in the paint? Coming from the two guys that led Butler’s post presence past teams like Pitt and Wisconsin, they made UConn’s post presence look like the NBA Eastern All-Stars. It wasn’t just the offense that slacked, but their defense also gave up 26 points in the lane. Not a championship performance, and not a pretty sight for the viewers.

If Kemba Walker and Shelvin Williams Brought at Least Their B-Game.

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    My face still hurts from all the cringing I did watching these two NBA prospects go to work as brick layers. Don’t get me wrong, they are both mighty fine players, but shooting a combined 26 percent made me wonder who stole their jerseys and played in their place. Yes I know Kemba put up 16 points, which is great for many players, but if it takes you 19 shots to get there, then you probably shouldn’t be jacking up 19 shots to begin with. Hey, if your cold, pass the rock.

If Butler Didn't Aimlessly Jack Up Threes in the Last Ten Minutes of the Game.

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    Aimlessly is the perfect adjective to describe their desperate comeback, I mean the most injured thing on the court was the back of the rim Butler was shooting on. All in all the Bulldogs threw up 33 deep ones and only made nine of them, and saying that UConn ended in a 17-5 run, I doubt a lot of those nine came at the end. It was a very un-Butler way to finish out the season, but what was ever more strange is that Brad Stevens didn’t seem to care about the hopeless shooting.

If Either Team Played Like They Deserved to Be Named the Nation's Best

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    If I had a kid, I would rather show him Along Came Polly (there is a basketball scene) than last night’s game for the sole purpose he would get worse watching it. You can say that the Huskies had tenacious defense, but in all honesty it was mediocre at best. Both teams missed multiple wide open shots, nobody could get a grip on the ball at some points of the game, and the game just didn’t flow well by any means. What’s shocking to me is that the lowest score by a team ever in a national championship before Monday was 51, set by Michigan in 1992, and the winning team almost sank below that. Let’s hope Butlers new record of 41 isn’t broken any time soon, because that is not a game anyone wants to see.