College Football: Ranking the Top 10 Big 12 Quarterbacks

Tim BondCorrespondent IApril 5, 2011

College Football: Ranking the Top 10 Big 12 Quarterbacks

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    The 2011 season will have a very different look for the Big 12. Not only are Colorado and Nebraska, long time members of the conference, gone there are also some changes in signal callers.

    Teams such as Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, and Texas Tech are searching for some unproven Field Generals. However, these may not be the only new faces behind center in the Big 12 this year.

    At Texas, incumbent Garrett Gilbert is fighting for his job against Case McCoy. Texas says that the starter has not been penciled in yet, but McCoy made a case that he should be the guy with his performance in the Longhorn's Spring football game.

    Gilbert is not the only quarterback that is in a battle for the starting job. Kansas Jayhawk, Jordan Webb, must also fend off Quinn Mecham if he wishes to be the starter in 2011.

    With that said, there are still some of the best quarterbacks in the nation within the Big 12. So without further ado, lets get this started.

No. 10: Jerome Tiller (Iowa State)

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    In 2010, Jerome Tiller got some decent playing time. However, his stats combined with his experience and the team he plays for just does not do well for him.

    2010 Stats:

    Passing: 39 of 82 for 363 yards one TD

    Rushing: 42 attempts with 150 yards.

No 9: Jordan Webb (Kansas)

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    Last year, Jordan Webb split playing time with two other quarterbacks. Webb did get the most starts last year of all three quarterbacks though.

    Heading into the 2011 campaign, Webb is trying to fend off Quinn Mecham as the starter.

    2010 Stats:

    Passing: 121 of 214 with 1,195 yards, seven TD and eight INT.

    Rushing: 143 yards on 59 attempts with zero TD

No. 8: Garrett Gilbert (Texas)

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    After the 2010 National Championship game where Garrett Gilbert gave Texas fans everywhere hope, the 2010 season was anything but spectacular.

    In 2010, Garrett Gilbert had such high expectations placed upon him that his career as a starter is very much in question. He is one of two quarterbacks in the league that is fighting to keep his starting job.

    His performance in the Texas Spring game did not help his cause.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 260 of 441 passing with 2,744 passing yards, 10 TD, and 17 INT.

    Rushing: 100 rushing attempts for 380 yards and five TD.

No. 7: Seth Doege (Texas Tech)

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    Coming into the 2011 season, Texas Tech is searching for the replacement of Tyler Potts.

    Unlike other schools in the Big 12, there is not much controversy here. With his performance the Texas Tech Spring game, Seth Doege all but sealed up the number one spot. His stats are very minimal, however here are his stats in the spring game.

    Spring Game Stats:

    Passing: 20 of 35 passing with 317 yards, four TD and one INT

No. 6: James Franklin (Missouri)

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    With Blaine Gabbert leaving early for the NFL draft, Missouri finds itself searching for another quarterback that can hopefully continue the success that Gary Pinkel has brought to Colombia.

    Enter, James Franklin. Franklin was one of the nation's top dual threat quarterbacks and the No. 20 prospect coming out of Texas in 2010.


    2010 Stats:

    Passing: 11 of 14 passing with 106 yards, one TD and one INT

    Rushing: 23 attempts for 116 yards and two TD.

No. 5: Collin Klein (Kansas State)

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    Collin Klein enters the 2011 season hoping to build on what Carson Coffman started with the return of Bill Snyder as head coach.

    Collin is the highest of the Big 12 quarterbacks, in this top 10, with no starting experience. But don't let that fool anyone. This guy can beat you with his arm and his legs.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 11 of 18 with 138 yards, one TD.

    Rushing: 76 carries with 432 yards and six TD.

No. 4: Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)

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    Wide receiver turned quarterback, Ryan Tannehill was forced to start playing with the dismal performance of Jerrod Johnson. Unlike what you may think, with Tannehill taking over the signal calling duties, Texas A&M reeled off six straight wins, finishing the season as co-Big 12 South champions.

    With one year under his belt as a starting quarterback, Tannehill will only get better and more comfortable in the pocket.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 154 of 234 passing with 1,638 yards, 13 TD and six INT.

    Rushing: 51 attempts with 76 yards and one TD.

No. 3: Robert Griffin III (Baylor)

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    Robert Griffin III returns for his third year as a starter. Griffin is arguably one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the nation. Helping lead Baylor to their first bowl game since 1994, Griffin has been exciting to watch and hard to defend.

    Coming into the 2011 season, look for Griffin to be a little more poised in the pocket. This does not mean he will not tuck the ball and run from pressure. If you flush him, he can beat you. If you give him time, he can make the throws.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 304 of 454 passing with 3,501 yards, 22 TD, and eight INT.

    Rushing: 149 attempts for 635 yards and eight TD.

No. 2: Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State)

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    Former minor league pitcher turned college football star, Brandon Weeden is an excellent quarterback. 

    He led Oklahoma State to it first share of a divisional title since 1976 and just one game from their first ever Big 12 championship game appearance.

    Two things hamper Weeden from being the top Big 12 quarterback. One is that he has yet to beat instate rival, Oklahoma. The other being his age. Argue all you wish, but when he is four to five years older than his peers, he should be better than all of them.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 342 of 511 passing with 4,277 yards, 34 TD, and 13 INT.

    Rushing: 17 attempts for -68 yards.

No. 1 Landry Jones (Oklahoma)

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    Raw. Inexperienced. Inconsistent. These three words were what many people used when describing Landry Jones heading into the 2010 season.

    Early on in the 2010 season, it seemed many people were correct about him. However, in the last half of the season, the nation witnessed Landry Jones mature into a very solid quarterback.

    After, leading Oklahoma to their seventh Big 12 championship and their first BCS Bowl win, since beating Washington State in the 2003 Rose Bowl, Jones enters his 2011 campaign as a Heisman Hopeful.He is also looking to lead the Sooners to their eighth national championship.

    2010 stats:

    Passing: 405 of 617 passing with 4,718 yards, 38 TD, and 12 INT.

    Rushing: 51 attempts for -128 yards and one TD.


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    Some people will say Brandon Weeden is the best in the Big 12. They may be right. You can certainly interchange the top two or three quarterbacks in this league and have a valid argument as to who the best is.

    Fact is, the Big 12 is becoming the conference known for their quarterbacks and their offenses. September just cannot get here fast enough so we can settle this type of discussion on the field once more.


    Top 10 review:

    1. Landry Jones, Jr - Oklahoma
    2. Brandon Weeden, Sr - Oklahoma State
    3. Robert Griffin III, Sr - Baylor
    4. Ryan Tannehill, Sr -Texas A&M
    5. Collin Klein, Jr - Kansas State
    6. James Franklin, So - Missouri
    7. Seth Doege, Jr - Texas Tech
    8. Garrett Gilbert, Jr - Texas
    9. Jordan Webb, So - Kansas
    10. Jerome Tiller, Jr - Iowa State