Ricky Steamboat and Richie Steamboat: Why Has This Not Been Expanded Upon?

JackmanContributor IMay 3, 2011

The legendary Ricky Steamboat still keeps up with the WWE nowadays because his son Richie Steamboat, is quickly moving up the ranks.

A huge star in FCW, Richie is not letting his famous last name put him under pressure.

But why hasn't anything come out of this?

Dusty Rhodes appeared alongside his son Cody Rhodes a while back, and Ted DiBiase Sr and Bob Orton have all made appearances with their sons.

Before the current season of NXT was produced, rumours were that it would a Father-Son format, with the current 3rd Generation FCW stars appearing with there famous fathers. Richie and Ricky would have definitely starred.

But the only time they have really appeared together is at FCW autograph sessions.

Maybe it's because Richie's not on TV yet, whereas Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr have all experienced a Main Event on TV.

Ricky can still wrestle despite his age, having shown his ability against Chris Jericho.

Richie needs to make the jump soon, with a great opportunity to move onto TV.

I think that the two would make a great Tag Team in the non existent Tag Division, and maybe add some competition to it. Richie is a talented wrestler, and with someone like Ricky Steamboat alongside you, you can go places...

Will it happen? Should it happen?

Feel free to let me know by leaving your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.