Tailgating: It Is an Art Form!

Dante CocciaContributor IOctober 5, 2008

  Its six a.m. and I'm on my way to work. I've got a coffee in one hand and one eye on the road. As I approach my office which is two city blocks from the football stadium I see smoke. Is it a fire going out from last night, a car with bad exhaust, or maybe a Christmas Tree salesman with a fire for warmth?

None! It is the sweat smelling smoke of a barbecue. YES at six in the morning they are out there. It's the Die-Hards doing the Keg and Eggs thing and I am amazed and slightly jealous.

As I drive around I come to know the people who do this. They come form all different backgrounds. Lawyers, accountants, even cops. You name it and you can find it. Men, women, old, young, mothers, grandmothers, You get the drift...everything is possible.

And the days of hot dogs and Burgers are also over. I drive through and see anything from dogs to Lobster. Even the vehicles are elaborate now. It used to be a few guys in a pickup with a cooler and a Weber grill. Now its campers and buses with the whole bar and a full menu. I myself never became a tailgater but wish i did.

Fortunately, my job now gets me close enough to the action to test the goods and let me tell you these people are not playing games. They are serious about their food, beverages, decorations, and chants! It is a sight to see.

I must also tell you it is an inherited code of conduct because with all them people packed into one space there is hardly never trouble. Most are even willing to share (if you're rooting for the right team) and will always make you feel welcome.

So if you never saw the tailgating that goes on at a major NFL football game i highly advise you get up early one Sunday morning, bring your hunger, and your thirst for both a beverage and a good time, you will thank me!