Top Five Reasons Chad Ocho Cinco Should Not Kiss His Coach

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst IOctober 5, 2008

Just when I thought Chad Ocho Cinco could not become any more bizarre than he has already, I was abused by a video of him kissing one of his coaches.

Perhaps Bengals fans can help me, because I don’t know which coach it is.

And here are my top five reasons not to plant a kiss on your coach while you know a camera person is filming:

  1. You look like a fool, since you told us you would score and kiss the star, which you failed to do.
  2. You know as much about predicting the future as you do about Spanish.
  3. Your teammates are wondering if you are sane.
  4. There's an "ick" factor.
  5. You have more of a chance of kissing the Dallas Stars' star than the Cowboys' star.