WWE Raw Video: Watch Sin Cara Attack Sheamus on Raw

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For weeks on WWE television, there have been teases of the debut of a new masked high-flyer named Sin Cara.

Last night on Raw, we finally got to see the man live and in person.

He attacked Sheamus, who had just successfully defended the United States championship against Daniel Bryan in a WrestleMania rematch.

Sin Cara came out and did his high-flying shtick on Sheamus and really seemed to get the crowd behind him in a very short amount of time.

He leaped from the floor into the ring, looking like he landed on his head. Then, he proceeded to throw kicks and punches at Sheamus before knocking him out of the ring. In perhaps the best spot of the entire show, he climbed to the top rope and jumped high in the air, nailing Sheamus with a cross-body block.

The crowd was in awe and Sin Cara looked like a big deal. But, as is always the case with WWE, will he be booked well enough to succeed?

He has a very unique offensive style—so unique that it has some analysts wondering if he will be able to adapt to the WWE style of wrestling. In a perfect world, Sin Cara will be the heir apparent to Rey Mysterio, who is in bad shape physically and nearing the end of his career.

No matter what happens going forward, on this night, Sin Cara showed why WWE made such a big production about bringing him in. He is a fun, exciting, new character that the company can really build their future around.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of big things to come for Sin Cara in WWE.

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