No Mercy: Is It DX's Night or the Hardys'?

JAY JacksonContributor IOctober 5, 2008

With No Mercy just hours away, can the Hardys do it? Everyone knows the last two times the Rainbow Warrior and the Warrior That Never Dies had title matches on PPV, one or both of the Hardys came up short.

In the Great American Bash 07 both lost their matches for the intercontinental and United States Champions. In this year's Unforgiven Matt Hardy won his scramble for the ECW Championship, but younger brother Jeff lost by just a second in his scramble for the WWE Championship.

Can tonight be different? Can tonight be the Hardys' Night? Matt Hardy defends his belt against the world's strongest man, Mark Henry. Jeff Hardy has another chance to win gold as he goes against HHH for the WWE Championship.


History can be made in another way with the New Y2J being the new World Heavyweight Champion. He is also defending his title against the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Can WWE finally get the worst thing since DX being spray painted on the cooperate building? Can DX finally run the whole show?

I would love to see both, but I have to go with the Hardys. With the ladder, TLC, and The Money and the Bank Ladder matches highlights it would be great to see the brother have a great celebration tonight.