The 25 Hottest Girlfriends of Major League Baseball

Jim BerdyszCorrespondent IApril 6, 2011

The 25 Hottest Girlfriends of Major League Baseball

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    They are the girls we all dream about, as we lay our heads down on our pillows for a good night's sleep.

    If only we had some big league talent to play in the major leagues, we too could have a legitimate chance to land some of these big league women.

    Regardless of which ballplayers they are currently dating, we still can't resist their sexy bodies and poses.

    Some of these girlfriends are currently taken by some notable players throughout the major leagues, while others had their chance to date baseball stars but ultimately fell short.

    Let's take a step back from the game for a second, and enjoy the life of the big leagues through the eyes of some of these players.

    Here now are the hottest 25 girlfriends of Major League Baseball. Enjoy.

25. Alicia Machado (Bobby Abreu's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    One of baseball's best outfielders over the past decade, Angels right fielder Bobby Abreu still has what it takes to be successful in the major leagues. At the age of 36 last season, he hit a respectable .255 with 20 home runs and 78 RBI in 154 games with L.A.

    Too bad his former girlfriend wasn't around to see it. Best known for her titles as Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe in the late-1990s, Alicia Machado was actually engaged to Abreu at one point a few years ago.

    Abreu ultimately broke off the engagement in 2005 after Machado was caught cheating.

    For her short period as a MLB girlfriend, though, she certainly deserves a spot on the list.



24. Enza Sambataro (Kevin Youkilis' Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Come on, who doesn't like the guy they refer to as "Youuuuk" in Fenway Park?

    Well, apparently not his former girlfriend and Watertown, MA native, Enza Sambataro (or at least not anymore).

    Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis has certainly been at his best over the last couple years, locked in the middle of his prime in his professional career. He has not only hit above .300 over the last three seasons, but has become a fixture in the middle of Boston's lineup.

    Ah, maybe the break-up is better for Youkilis in the long run...but we'll definitely have to confirm that after his 2011 season.

23. Syndal Gorden (Chad Gaudin)

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    Well, hello there, Miss Syndal Gorden. Wait a second, she is the current girlfriend of who...Chad Gaudin?

    Yes, Chad Gaudin, the one time starter now converted relief pitcher who has struggled through injuries, playing in just 75 games since the end of the 2008 season. The former Tampa Bay prospect is currently on the active roster with the Atlanta Braves, where he hopes to jump-start his career at 28 years old.

    As for Gorden and Gaudin, the couple recently appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, where Gorden picked out her stunning white wedding dress.

    "I do" believe Gaudin could be a possible candidate for NL Comeback Player of the Year, don't you?

22. Krystle Campbell (Ryan Howard)

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    Phillies slugger Ryan Howard certainly didn't go far to find his current girlfriend, Krystle Campbell, who is one of the cheerleaders for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Howard has certainly become an icon in the City of Brotherly Love since he first started playing for the Phils seven seasons ago. During that time, he has hit a combined .280 with 254 home runs and 754 RBI, and he is well on his way to becoming one of the game's best hitters of the decade.

    As if he needed more love from Philly cheering him on during the season, Howard and Campbell match up well, as they could definitely take the city by storm very soon. 

21. Danielle Peck (Josh Beckett's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Red Sox starter Josh Beckett may be currently married to high school sweetheart Holly Fisher, but it was only a few seasons ago he was in the middle of a relationship with country music singer Danielle Peck.

    In fact, the country beauty sang against Beckett during Game 5 of the 2007 ALCS vs. the Cleveland Indians, as she sang the national anthem before the crucial playoff game.

    Talk about getting inside a player's head—or so everyone thought. Beckett would end up defeating the Tribe in Game 5 as he threw eight innings, giving up just one run on five hits, and striking out 11.

    I guess you could say he was over her.

20. Erica Ellyson (Clay Buchholz's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Yet another Red Sox pitcher, and yet another former girlfriend.

    While young starting pitcher Clay Buchholz may be currently married to Deal or No Deal star Lindsay Clubine, it wasn't long ago that he was linked to former 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Erica Ellyson.

    You can definitely see why Buchholz, let alone any red-blooded male, would be interested in the sexy dream girl. Penthouse Pet or not, Ellyson sure has what it takes to make any man smile.  

    I guess she was just too much for Buchholz in the end, who by the looks of things (in both his life and with the Red Sox) simply made the better decision, saying, "No Deal."

19. Miss Persia (Dexter Fowler)

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    Colorado Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler hasn't really been known for many things so far in his short big league career. A lifetime .259 hitter, Fowler has been up and down in his first real taste of the major leagues.

    If there was one thing he could be known for, though, it would probably be his girl, "Miss Persia" (or at least that's what she calls herself on her Twitter page).

    As if Fowler needed more excuses for his struggles at the plate, he will more than likely have at least one now with the likes of Miss Persia in his busy life.

18. Molly Beers (David Wright)

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    Molly Beers. Talk about one sexy name.

    New York Mets third baseman David Wright sure chose the right girl from the very beginning, as the two have been dating for over a year now.

    Wedding plans anyone? Well, we don't know about that just yet.

    Before they tie the knot, though, yes, I'll take more of Beers all around please.

17. Dominique Piek (C.J. Wilson)

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    Rangers ace C.J. Wilson really made a name for himself last season, pitching in not only his first season in the Texas rotation, but in his first World Series as well.

    His girlfriend Dominique Piek should look familiar to most guys out there, as she graced the inside of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

    No reason for the southpaw to throw anything by Piek, as Wilson definitely caught himself one major hottie.

16. Heidi Watney (Nick Green)

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    Nick Green may have played just one season for Boston in 2009, but that didn't keep Red Sox broadcasting hottie Heidi Watney from winning over the big league infielder after one year.

    While Green has now left Boston to play in both Toronto and LA last season, the couple has still managed to remain close and definitely in touch.

15. Rihanna (Matt Kemp's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Arguably one of the top singers out on the market today, Rihanna and Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp were a couple for over a year dating back to last season.

    Kemp has been the up-and-coming poster boy for the Dodgers for a while now, roaming not only center field, but becoming a staple in LA's lineup the past couple seasons.

    It's a shame things didn't work out between them, as they both simply couldn't handle the stress of each other's lives.

    To put it a better way: Kemp basically told her to "live your life," which actually in the end isn't a bad thing at all.

14. Brittany Binger (Grady Sizemore)

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    What else is there to say about the former June 2007 Playboy Playmate, Brittany Binger?

    Besides thinking of two quick things right off the bat...absolutely nothing.

    Her native Ohio roots must have called out to her, as she is currently in a relationship with Cleveland Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore. Hang on just a second all you "Grady's Ladies", the two are just a couple for now, it's not like Binger is buying a wedding dress anytime soon.

    After he battled a left knee injury all last season, hopefully Sizemore can comeback strong as ever for the Tribe very soon in 2011. Hey, at least we know he's in good hands, right?

13. Alyssa Milano (Brad Penny, Carl Pavano and Barry Zito's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    The face of Major League Baseball's "Touch" clothing line, Alyssa Milano has also had a lot of other run-in's when talking about some current big league players.

    Talk about almost going through a full-five man rotation with the likes of Brad Penny, Carl Pavano and Barry Zito already on the roster.

    Honestly, I can't think of any baseball fan who wouldn't want at least two of these three starters in their favorite MLB team's rotation right now. I guess Milano in the end was simply just a fan, and a big one, I may add.

    Her days of dating players may be over, but I'm sure that won't stop many of us from watching Milano shine on the silver screen anytime soon.

12. Eliza Dushku (Brad Penny's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Hot goddess Eliza Dushku is another actress who was linked to current Detroit Tigers starter Brad Penny a few years ago.

    Really, what do these hot babes find attractive in a guy like Penny? His 108 lifetime wins? How about his career 4.14 ERA? Oh I know what it could be, his 2003 Florida Marlins world championship ring.

    I guess that must be it, as you will come to find even more World Series rings as you head on down the list—trust me.

    FYI, this happens to be by far my favorite picture of Dushku, I just thought I would let you know.

11. Karina Smirnoff (Brad Penny)

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    Although Brad Penny has finally settled down and is currently engaged to professional dancer Karina Smirnoff, she still deserves some recognition on this list.

    If you caught her busting some moves on Dancing with the Stars a couple years ago, then you would certainly see why.

10. Jamie Hanna (Evan Longoria)

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    Evan Longoria. Let's face it, that's probably all sexy Buccaneers cheerleader Jaime Hanna had to know about the Rays third baseman before she was hooked. 

    If the Rays have any chance at contending with their rivals in the AL East, Longoria is going to need a big season—especially after both Carl Crawford and Rafael Soriano have left for greener pastures.

    It's OK if you quickly became a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—hey, I have too. In fact, I had quarterback Josh Freeman on my fantasy football team this past season.

    Let's face it, if there was ever a fantasy cheerleading team, Hanna would easily be No. 1 in my book.

9. Cameron Diaz (Alex Rodriguez)

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    Well, well, well, look who it is, the sexy former Charlie's Angels star and beautiful actress Cameron Diaz.

    And who else would you think would be linked to New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez? Hey I'm all for A-Rod and Diaz being happy together, there's just one slight suggestion I have.

    For all of us, Miss Diaz, just please, no more feeding him popcorn.

8. Kate Hudson (Alex Rodriguez's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    Cameron Diaz may be A-Rod's current girlfriend, but come on, what was wrong with American sweetheart Kate Hudson?

    Oh, she just wasn't a high enough standard for the 10-year, $275 million man I guess.

    If it was up to me, I'd say A-Rod got it all wrong between Diaz and Hudson...but then again, what do I know?

    If Rodriguez can land either one of the blonde bombshells, I guess he is doing something right.

7. Lauren Anderson (Reid Brignac)

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    Besides wondering where this picture was taken, I know what you're thinking: Who in the world is Reid Brignac?

    Well, he is currently the starting shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays. In just 150 career games in the big leagues, Brignac has hit .252 with nine home runs and 51 RBI. So what is he doing with stunning Playboy model Lauren Anderson?

    I have no idea, but I do know him and Anderson are a couple.

    All I can do is tip my cap to him, wish I was in his shoes (I take a size 10.5 by the way), and move right along down the list. But hey, no need to rush, take your time. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.


6. Rima Fakih (Ricky Romero)

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    What happens when you go 28-18 with a 3.95 ERA in your first 62 starts in the major leagues?

    Well, if you're Toronto Blue Jays starter Ricky Romero, how about landing the sexy, the luxurious, Rima Fakih, aka Miss USA 2010.

    Yep, I'd say that's a great way to start your big league career. And just like that, Toronto's young southpaw has become arguably the luckiest player in baseball.


Rima Fakih: America the Beautiful...

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    Just making sure we are covering all the areas and aspects of our beautiful country, from every angle imaginable.

5. Audrey Kinsbery (Jensen Lewis)

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    Jensen Lewis? Really?

    Well, however the Cleveland Indians reliever managed to land mega-hottie Audrey Kinsbery is fine with me.

    The Indians actually recently demoted Lewis to Triple-A Columbus to start the season, but let's be serious here, there is nothing demoting about Kinsbery and that tight black bikini she is wearing.

    I have to give props to my boy @JLEWFifty, he has one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Bring her to a game one day...please?

4. Terrie Barr (Hunter Pence)

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    Again, what is it with some of these ballplayers? Houston Astros outfielder Hunter Pence?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, he has had some pretty decent seasons over the past three years, hitting 25 home runs each of the last three seasons.

    But sexy model Terrie Barr, though? All I can say is wow.

    Yeah, I'd say Pence set the Barr pretty high landing this gorgeous babe.

Terrie Barr Again...

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    Absolutely speechless...

3. Marikym Hervieux (Russell Martin)

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    Yankees catcher Russell Martin has given New York a big spark through the first week of the season, hitting .353 with a homer and three RBI through the first five games in 2011.

    Sexy gal Marikym Hervieux also just gave most of you men out there a spark, or at least made you see stars of some sort.

    If that isn't one of the most beautiful poses you have ever seen, then I don't know what is.

2. Adriana Lima (Derek Jeter's Ex-Girlfriend)

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    No other baseball player has a girlfriend list quite like Yankees captain Derek Jeter, who has dated some of the sexiest women in the world over the past several years.

    In fact, I think Jeter stole my Christmas wish list, as he has dated women like Jessica Alba, Vida Guerra, Scarlett Johansson and, of course, Adriana Lima.

    I don't know about you, but I get lost each time I look into Lima's beautiful blue eyes—in fact, I'm gazing into them right now as I try to finish this sentence.

1. Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter)

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    Really, who else did you think would be the hottest girlfriend?

    There is just something about Minka Kelly that makes every guy out there feel special inside, like she is just focusing on you in every picture you look at.

    Derek Jeter again, huh? Well he certainly shouldn't be wearing No. 2 after landing the always stunning Minka.

    For the record, those high socks had me from the moment I pasted the picture in this last slide.

    Instead of calling her Mrs. Jeter, how does Mrs. November sound?