Message to NFL Officials: Stop Blowing the Game

James Gray IICorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

After watching the San Diego Chargers get cheated out of a win they earned and deserved a few weeks ago, it just disgust me to watch other calls that can completely change the game. Officials owe their duty to the players, the coaches, the fans, the organizations, and they should be the standard for elite officiating. 

Right now, I am watching the Eagles and Redskins game and just witnessed another game-changing call by the officials. With 8:04 left in the first quarter, rookie DeSean Jackson apparently ran back a Redskins punt to make the score 14-0; but during the return, the announcers both said this one looks like it is coming back.

After replays showed Eagles Tank Daniels commit a block in the back against Redskins Khary Campbell, every viewer watching expected the penalty to demote the return and bring the Eagles back some yards but, no just the opposite happened. The referee called a penalty on Khary Campbell and said the touchdown was good.

The announcers showed a replay and said the referee must have been confused because the players have the same numbers; the replay clearly showed Daniels pushing Campbell in the back as he is running towards Jackson. 

It is mistakes like these that cheat the players out of a fair game and should by no means be considered "a part of the game." They are unacceptable and bring shame to the NFL's respectable reputation.

In a day in age where everything can be seen better through camera, there needs to be higher officials that can correct ridiculous mistakes like we witnessed today. Apologies from the NFL aren't acceptable anymore—take action and improve the officiating system.

One call can affect a game and possibly a season; so let's get it right.