WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: How I Would Have Improved the WrestleMania 27 Card

Jonathan Clark@JCNextContributor IIIApril 4, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: How I Would Have Improved the WrestleMania 27 Card

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    “If I were running things…”

    We have all heard and said it before. But while watching WrestleMania 27, I couldn’t help but think those very words throughout the entire event.

    The WWE had so many chances to create future storylines, feuds and most importantly, push men, women, divisions and championships up—but instead, most of it remained stagnant.

    At a time when we consistently hear the same names, the WWE really didn’t use their lower card wrestlers correctly to the point where I have to really question what’s next for a number of people. If I created the card, that wouldn’t have happened. In fact, if I created the card, time would have been spent more wisely.

    We didn’t need most of the segments—like the Snoop Dogg talent show or the Hall of Fame segment—and certain celebrations lasted too long while doing nothing to help the event—like Edge destroying the car.

    Besides the promos and Miz’s video package, the only segment that was good was The Rock/Austin meeting. In all the time that those took, two or three matches—even if short—could have been added.

    Thus, my card would have gone something like this…    

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (United States Championship Match)

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    Ten minutes! That’s all I’m asking for. Ten freaking minutes!

    Why the WWE thought it was a good idea to turn this into a dark match after the great performance these two put up on Raw for the actual title is beyond me. Shoot, I would have taken five minutes of this match.

    But what do we get instead? A good five-minute Snoop Dogg segment that did total disrespect to William Regal and Beth Phoenix, made Yoshi Tatsu and Chris Masters look like fools and gave Hornswoggle camera time which is always stupid in my book.

    Not only that, it took the Bella Twins and put them back in their place of just being around when they had the most camera and match time of any of the Divas in the last few weeks. Sorry—I went a little off topic there! 

    This should have been the first championship match of the night—not the Heavyweight Championship (I’ll get to that later)—and I like many others would have used this as the opener.

    I thought this match had the potential of Jericho vs. Regal at WM 17. With the championship on the line, I’d have Sheamus retain and possibly set up a further storyline between the two or at least have Sheamus as a heel champion to allow another wrestler to get some face time.

    Nevertheless, this would have given both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan some stock if they were able to put on a great opener, which I feel like they would have done.

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Kane vs. Big Show (IC Fatal Four Way)

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    It’s WrestleMania; every belt should be on the line. But since the Tag and Divas divisions are so far down under, they could have at least countered with good US and Intercontinental Championship matches.

    While not that popular, this match would have made sense and could have gotten some good cheers and feedback. This was a chance for the WWE to push Wade Barrett by having him retain in a tough match and I know I would have done it.

    But instead, we got that terrible two-minute frenzy. To quote The Miz: “Really?” 

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (Singles Match)

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    This match was excellent, and in my opinion, it was the second-best match of the night!

    I wouldn’t change anything about it. I would have even had Rhodes winning as well, which many people wanted considering Rhode got a bigger pop and more cheers during the match than Mysterio. It’s too bad his gimmick didn’t allow him to properly celebrate his win but it’s still a good look on his part and shows that he’s left Legacy and DiBiase behind.

    I would have put this match before the Edge and Del Rio match to raise the excitement and interest before...

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

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    A World Heavyweight Championship match should never be the first match of the night, especially one that features better overall wrestlers than the WWE Championship match. That was a huge slap in the face to both Edge and Del Rio, as well as totally disrespectful to the championship belt.

    That being said, the match was solid, but the ending was lame. As a car enthusiast, I didn’t find any humor or “revenge factor” in destroying a Rolls Royce, but hey—that's the WWE for you.

    The ending could have gone so many different ways but instead, they literally wasted time (time they could have given to the Sheamus vs. Bryan match).

    I personally believed that Christian would have cost Edge the title, allowing for an Edge vs. Christian feud, but I’m happy that didn’t happen. Now they can actually have an Edge vs. Christian feud for the World Heavyweight Championship, making that possibility all the more epic.

    After this match, I would have had a Divas match. I know what you're thinking... 

Gail Kim & Eve vs. Bella Twins vs. Maryse & Melina vs. LayCool (Tag Team)

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    Yeah, this would have happened if I was running the WWE.

    It’s no secret that the WWE uses Divas matches as interludes. People joke about Divas matches being bathroom breaks but in reality, that’s how the company itself sees them. Otherwise, those matches would never happen during the middle of a show.

    I love the Divas and miss the days of old; the WWE really dropped the ball here. Trish Status and Snooki would have never been involved from the get-go. Instead, I would have had these ladies compete in a four corners tag team elimination match (which was too long to put in the title). If you've never heard of it, look it up; it would have been the perfect match to build hype for the Divas division again.

    Gail Kim & Eve would have come out on top since the rest of the teams are heels. Excitement may have stayed up for this match but even if it died down, the next match would have brought it back up.  

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler (Ladder Match)

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    That’s right, a ladder match. A ladder match builds charisma, it builds legends and it gives whoever wins bragging rights for a lifetime. Even if you lose the match it still brings up your stock.

    The WWE had the biggest opportunity in the world to bring these guys up to consistent main-event status and they dropped the ball so badly. Instead, the WWE let Snooki be the highlight of a match with a Diva legend, two rising young stars and two of the best heel divas in the business today competing in it.

    Yeah...a ladder match would have done the event well.

    Now, I’m sure a lot of people would have had them go one-on-one in a variety of different match types but I would have chosen a ladder match because first, there was no MITB match and second, these are the two guys I’d trust the most to use that match to its full capability.

    Morrison would leave with the win and excitement would build again for the….

Randy Orton vs. Punk (Singles Match)

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    The match itself was great and I wouldn’t change anything except the ending.

    Did Punk need the win? Yes, but his loss also allows him to be rid of Nexus and to start anew and I’d rather that...I think.

    However, the RKO Orton hit was so obvious that it’s crazy that it actually happened that way. Orton needs a new finisher; the RKO is a beautiful and diverse move but it’s getting old because it's literally getting predictable. Even his counter versions of them aren’t as exciting anymore—especially since he’s already hit better counters with it before.

    A new move or a better never-before-seen RKO counter would have done this match good.  

Triple H vs. Undertaker (No Holds Barred Match)

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    The match was very well done for two guys that hadn’t done much of anything. Not to mention the fact that we all knew Undertaker was going to win. So I wouldn’t change anything because it already exceeded my expectations.

The Miz vs. John Cena (WWE Championship Match)

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    As much as I didn’t like the match in general, the ending was a great setup for the Rock vs. Cena feud. Thus, I wouldn’t have changed this either.

    Well, except the way the match was in general. Both Cena and The Miz need to learn how to sell better and that's not hating—that's the truth. 


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    When I look back at it, I would have changed a lot of the earlier matches and switched the order around. I feel that there were a lot of people underused and undervalued in this year’s event and the WWE really could have helped the wrestlers and themselves by having a better card.

    While they have a good setup for a Rock/Cena and Edge/Christian feud, the only other people who really benefited were Cody Rhodes and The Miz. That itself is a real shame. They did nothing to further the Divas division, Tag division or the US and Intercontinental Championships.

    That, along with not giving some of their rising stars good camera time, hurt this event and could possibly hurt the WWE in the future.    

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