NBA Draft 2011: 7 Reasons Why Jimmer Fredette Will Fail in the NBA

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IApril 6, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: 7 Reasons Why Jimmer Fredette Will Fail in the NBA

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    Before I begin the Jimmer bashing let me start with this, Jimmer Fedette was an amazing player in college basketball. He was arguably the best player this season and he was by far the best scorer.

    Now that is over, there are way to many issues with Jimmer, which will prevent him from succeeding in the NBA. It is not just a problem with Jimmer, but a problem with many players when they transition from college basketball to the NBA. 

    Jimmer would not be the only player in the world to have an incredible college career and then amount to nothing in the NBA. Simply put, it happens. 

    Here are the reasons why Jimmer Fredette will fail in the NBA. 

7. He Is Too Short

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    Jimmer Fredette stands at 6-foot-2. Although Fredette would not be the shortest in the NBA-not even by a long shot-he is to short for how he plays. 

    Fredette is known for taking shots from just about anywhere on the court. When he gets the slightest bit open he will take the shot.

    However, Fredette is not used to having defenders a lot taller than him covering him. This is exactly what would happen to Jimmer in the NBA because he will most likely be a shooting guard, a position that usually has taller people than 6-foot-2. 

6. More of a Scorer Than Distributor

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    As people may know, Jimmer Fredette was an amazing scorer in college basketball. However, he will find it a lot harder to average 28.9 ppg in the NBA. 

    If Jimmer wants to make it in the next level, he needs to learn how to distribute the ball more. Point guards in the NBA get the whole entire team involved. Their mentality is to pass first and shoot second. Jimmer has the opposite mentality. 

    He shoots the ball from anywhere on the court, whether if it is a good shot or bad. There were nights where Jimmer took more shots than the rest of the team combined. Simply put, he was a bit of a ball-hog. 

    This may have worked in college, but to make it as a point guard in the next level, Jimmer needs to learn how to distribute the ball more. 

5. Not a Great Defender

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    Although the NBA is not known for its defense, it is still a major aspect of the game. Jimmer is not the best defensive player in the world to say the least.

    Although Jimmer does not have to be an amazing defender to make it in the NBA, it is in question if he can even guard his own position in the next level. 

    Jimmer has really slow lateral movement and he seems to be a bit lazy on defense so he can go all out on offense. Not to mention, Jimmer played in a weak conference, so he is not used to defending elite guards. 

4. Shoots Way Too Much

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    To say the least, Jimmer Fredette shoots the ball way too much. 

    Although he had 32 points in the Sweet 16, he shot the ball 29 times and only made 11 shots. Not to mention, he made only 3 out of 15 behind the arc.

    Although this was only one game, instead of getting his team involved, Jimmer did what he does best. He shot the ball. Just like the last slide, Jimmer is more of a scorer than a distributor.

    However, this scoring comes on shooting the ball way too much. 

    Instead of getting his team involved against Florida, Jimmer shot and shot and shot. I think you get the point. 

3. Fredette Is Questionable Without the Ball

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    Jimmer Fredette touched the ball on just about every offensive play for BYU this season. This is what a team wants their point guard to do. However, people do not know what kind of a player Jimmer is without the basketball.

    I will be very surprised if Jimmer makes it as a point guard in the NBA. Whoever drafts him will most likely do so as a shooting guard. Therefore, Jimmer will not have the ball in his hands every single possession like he did with BYU. 

    Creating a shot for your teammates is one thing, but creating a shot for yourself is a whole different ball game. It will be interesting to see if Jimmer can be the scorer he is known for without the ball in his hands 24/7. 

2. Not Very Explosive

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    To make it as a point guard in the NBA today, a player has to be explosive. 

    Look at Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo. Although these are some of the best point guards in the NBA, they have made a living by being very explosive. 

    All of these players are capable of blowing by their opponents, making it to the rim and slamming it down. Fredette is obviously not known for this. 

1. Big Transition

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    Going from college basketball to the NBA is a huge transition. Instead of being the go to guy in college, Fredette will be fighting for minutes in the NBA.

    Jimmer got the green light to shoot whenever he wanted for BYU. In the NBA he will not get this same treatment. He will have to start from the bottom of the totem poll.

    With this said, it will make it very hard for Jimmer to go on shooting streaks like he did in college. He will not be able to take 30 shots a night. Therefore, he will not have the big games like he did in college.

    It will be very hard for Jimmer Fredette to succeed like he did at BYU when he is not the center of attention and has to earn every minute he plays, let alone the green light to shoot the ball.