Ronnie Brewer Video: Watch Chicago Bulls Guard Make the Steal and the Slam

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2011

Ronnie Brewer video is on the Internet, and this play sums up the mentality of the Chicago Bulls this year.

Chicago was playing a bad Toronto Raptors team, and even though the Bulls just got a bucket, Brewer didn't give up. He swiped the inbounds pass and slammed it down for another two points before the end of the first quarter.

Under head coach Tom Thibodeau, this team has improved on defense, and that is going to get this team deep into the postseason.

It takes defense to win championships, and if the offense and Derrick Rose can't get going in the postseason, the defense is going to be the spark plug that gets the offense going and ignites a run.

While players like Rose and Carlos Boozer aren't the best defensive players, Chicago has guys who can check the other team's best stars and slow them down.

The Bulls won't be pushed around and can get down and dirty with the toughest teams in basketball. I love what Joakim Noah brings to the Bulls, and he's the guy I'm looking for during the biggest sequences. Noah is going to make huge hustle plays, and those can change the outcomes of playoff games and series.

The Bulls are for real, and even though it's one play in a big picture, it's still symptomatic of the changes that have made Chicago a contender in the Eastern Conference.