Zamalek Fan Riot Video: Watch Crowd Freak Out Over Disallowed Goal

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Zamalek fan riot video has hit the Internet, and this takes soccer-fan passion to another level.

We all know that sometimes, at soccer games, emotions can run high, especially in the biggest matches. Zamalek was playing Club Africain and was up 2-1 in front of its home fans. Normally, that's a great thing. However, this was during the African Champions League, and the match was the second leg of the matchup between these two clubs.

Despite the strong result, Zamalek was still down 5-4 on aggregate, and when it appeared that the home club had scored the equalizer, giving them the advantage, the home fans went nuts. The only problem was that the referee ruled Zamalek offsides, calling the goal off. That's when things got way out of hand.

The fans stormed the field in an angry riot, and as you can see, things escalated quickly from there. It's awful to see and an ugly mark on one of the most popular sports in the world. Matches of this magnitude should never have incidents like this overshadowing great competition on the pitch. While soccer is always about pride for the fans, at some point, people need to wise up and control themselves and act like adults.

It's just a game, people, even if you do care deeply about it. Hopefully the next time this happens, the fans of Zamalek control themselves, instead of acting like petulant children about a mistake that happens all the time in the game of soccer.

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