WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: My Thoughts About the Boredom

Joe SchmoContributor IIIApril 4, 2011

World Heavyweight Title: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

This was a surprisingly underwhelming match.  These two have the ability to go for a 20-minute match with lots of spots.  Instead, we got pretty much a predictable borefest.  I don’t mind Edge winning as Del Rio is an up-and-comer and will have his chances in the near future, maybe even Elimination Chamber. 

I really thought Del Rio would put up more of a fight in this one by kicking out of a spear, especially considering the weak spear Edge hit to finish him off.  All this match really did for me was raise the debate of who has a worse set of finishers, Edge or Morrison?  Edge’s spear just looks so underwhelming, especially the one he hit last night, which looked more like a tackle than a spear.  We've seen Del Rio kick out of the SOS and Kill-Switch on SmackDown.  Why not a spear at WrestleMania?


Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

This was the best match of the night in my opinion.  It had some impressive spots and a good outcome.  Both men using each other’s braces as weapons was great.  Despite being a huge Rey Mysterio fan, I was alright with Rhodes getting the win, especially in the way he did.  Rhodes is definitely a future star and helped that cause with the win last night.


Big Show, Kane, Kofi, Santino vs. the Corre

This was just awful.  Could they make the Corre out to be more of a joke?  I already wrote an article about how the Corre lack any sort of cohesion, and getting beat in five minutes by a thrown-together group certainly did not help their cause.  This stable needs to go and fast.


Orton vs. Punk

Another underwhelming match that was incredibly predictable.  Orton wins with an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!  I believe he should just change the name of his finisher to that.  Punk had the upper hand for most of the match and did what he could to keep people interested by laughing and taunting Orton throughout.  Unfortunately he got cocky and jumped straight into an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!  Maybe this will be the end of both stables.  Let’s hope.


Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

How many moments can we have where we say, “What the hell were they thinking?"  This match was perfect given the situation up until the RAW GM’s decision to overturn Stone Cold’s decision and make Cole the winner.  Stone Cold was great as a guest referee and actually called it down the middle for 99 percent of the match. 

Now we are going to have to keep hearing Michael Cole for God knows how long.  Cole’s abuse of Lawler has been good because we thought it would be over after WrestleMania.  It was one of those types of things that I enjoy in small doses.  Now there is no end in sight.


Undertaker vs. Triple H

Ugh.  That’s all I have to say.  This matched just dragged on and on and on and on and on and on and on.  The problem with this match from the get-go is that it was either going to go one of two ways.  Either it was going to be a brilliant, excitement-filled match, or a snoozefest.  It was the latter. 

To summarize this match, it was: chair shot, five minutes of laying around, finisher, five minutes of laying around, finisher, five minutes of laying around, chair shot, chair shot, chair shot, 10 minutes of laying around, finisher, finisher, five minutes of laying around.  Are you getting the point?  It was the slowest match I’ve ever seen. 

It did have two bright spots though: When Undertaker cleared off the English announcer's table as me and my roommate screamed at the TV, “That’s the wrong announcer’s table!” and when Triple H put Undertaker through the Spanish announcer's table with a destructive spinebuster.  In the end, Undertaker makes Hunter tap after being in the Hell’s Gate for what seemed like an eternity.


Morrison, Snooki and Trish vs. Lay-Cool and Ziggler

This was a decent match at best with two bright spots.  Morrison’s Starship Pain to Ziggler on the outside was sweet.  Snooki’s cartwheels and backflips made me wonder if they had brought in a stunt double or were using CGI.  Other than that, it was a pretty forgettable match.


MIZ vs. John Cena

This match was sort of bland until the end.  Miz kicking out of the AA and Cena kicking out of the Skull Crushing Finale were brilliant spots that were the most suspenseful of the evening.  Unfortunately, the match had the most anti-climactic finish with a double count-out.  The Rock looked like he was going to save the day until he just took abuse of his power to hit Cena with a Rock Bottom to help Miz get the win.  I liked Miz getting the win, but the way it all went down just sucked.  At least we will see Rock return to the ring.



One thing I noticed all day is that the Georgia Dome just had no energy.  The fans just did not seem enthused by what was happening, and the announcers were just boring.  You would think a team of Josh Matthews and JR would have been great, but they were not.  They brought nothing to the matches, had a lot of dead air and could not make up for the fan’s lack of energy by bringing energy to the fans at home. 

I’m not sure what it was, maybe the lack of excitement from the get-go, but this just did not seem like WrestleMania.  Maybe the fact that the Sheamus vs. Bryan match, which definitely had potential to get the crowd going, was pushed to a quick squasher dark match had something to do with it.


My RAW review might be up a bit late this week.  Look out for it around tomorrow night, possibly Wednesday morning.