The 100 Hottest Action Pictures In Sports

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2011

The 100 Hottest Action Pictures In Sports

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    Photography has the ability to transcend time, permanently documenting the impact and emotion of a single moment. Pictures say what words cannot, placing the viewer within the world of the subject being snapped.

    Nowhere is the import of photography more apparent than in the world of sports. Dwight Clark was forever immortalized with "The Catch." The image of Muhammad Ali standing victorious over the sprawled body of Sonny Liston is iconic.

    And the picture of Maria Sharapova wearing an incredibly sexy outfit during a tennis match will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

    And so, in the spirit of great photography found in athletics, we present "The 100 Hottest Pictures In Sports." On the following slideshow, you will find the sexiest candid photos of athletes either in competition, or within the competitive arena.

    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily for you, I wrote a lot less than that.

    On to the show!

100. Sasha Cohen

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    We probably won't be seeing Sasha Cohen competing at the Olympic level again, especially after she didn't make the U.S. squad for the Vancouver games.

    We'll always have Torino, Sasha.

99. Kiira Korpi

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    I've heard of choking during a performance, but this is ridiculous, Kiira.

98. Claudia Toth

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    Curling is about as sexy as shopping for athlete's foot cream at the pharmacy.

    Unless Claudia Toth is on the ice.

97. Sina Shielke

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    "Oh, hey Sina, you caught me looking at your tattoos, huh? I really like them...

    "No, no, I swear, I was just looking at your tattoos.

    "You don't believe me, do you?"

96. Franzi Van Almsick

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    Do you think the photographer asked her to say "Peek-a-boo" before taking the picture?

95. Gina Carano

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    It turns out it is hard to find sexy pictures of women while they are in the midst of bashing somebody's skull in.

    Who knew?

    But even as Gina Carano is in the middle of a kick that would crush my rib cage, I find her to be undeniably hot.

    No pain, no gain.

94. Anna Grzebien

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    I'm starting to realize that I've missed my true calling in life.

    I should have been a caddie on the LPGA Tour.

93. Juliana Veloso

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    Juliana Veloso readies to take her dive, tantalizing spectators along the way.

92. Tamira Paszek

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    Here, Tamira Paszek displays excellent form during the follow-through.

    "Form," huh?

    So that's what the kids are calling it these days.

91. Jennie Finch

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    The woman, the myth, the legend—Jennie Finch.

90. Milka Duno

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    Milka Duno, the smoking-hot IndyCar driver you may not know about.

    Yup, she gets me revved up as well.

89. Daize Shayne

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    My favorite part of this picture—other than the lovely bikini, of course—is how calm Shayne looks while she is riding this wave.

    The way she has her hand out, she looks steady enough to balance a plate on a stick while she heads toward shore.


88. Nikki Garrett

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    If Quagmire from Family Guy was a golf coach...

    Quagmire: "How's your back feeling, Nikki? You seem a bit strained in your swing."

    Nikki Garrett: "You know, my back has been feeling a bit stiff."

    Quagmire: "Yeah, why don't you go ahead and do that stretch I taught you. Yup, that's the one. No, no, don't rush it, really stretch it out. Giggity giggity!"

87. Natalie Von Bertouch

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    Have you ever heard of netball?

    I hadn't either, but apparently it is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. If you want to learn more about the game, go here.

    Or, you could stay here and enjoy Natalie "U Can't Bertouch This," as I like to call her.

86. Rebekka Kadijk and Merel Mooren

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    Ah, women's beach volleyball. As you may have guessed, this will be the first of many pictures from the glorious game of the sand.

    I don't know who was watching a volleyball game one day and said, "This is a fine game, certainly, but I think it would be better in bathing suits on sand."

    I'd like to shake that man's hand.

85. Hope Solo

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    And now, one of my favorite games: "Taking Quotes Out of Context!"

    "Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible."

    —William Sloan Coffin

    That guy was prophetic, huh?

84. Kim Kouwabunpat

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    If Quagmire from Family Guy was a golf coach...

    Kim Kouwabunpat: "Coach Quagmire, why do I always have to practice holding my backswing for so long?"

    Quagmire: "It's good for your, uh, you know, muscle memory. Giggity giggity."

83. Pandora Decoster

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    And on this slide, I shall use restraint and refrain from making any jokes referencing well-known tales from Greek mythology.

    Instead, I will point out that there appears to be some sort of magical, floating castle in the background of this picture.

82. Ashley Harkelroad

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    You know, I'm starting to think there is something sexy about the follow-through on tennis serves.

    I can't quite put my finger on what it might be, but when I figure it out, I'll let you know.

81. Danica Patrick

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    Obligatory Danica Patrick picture in a list of sports babes?


80. Fatima Moreira De Melo

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    I also have been wondering where her opponent's head went, which reminds me of a scene from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

79. Sania Mirza

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    I love this picture. I can't tell if Sania caught the photographer snapping her and playfully stuck out her tongue, or if she does the "Michael Jordan tongue" when she concentrates.

    Either way, I like it.

78. Cheryl Bernard

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    Curling is surprisingly cool.

    Curling is also surprisingly hot from time to time.

77. Serena Williams

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    If Bleacher Report articles were written by pretentious, aspiring novelists...

    And so the camera had captured in time the serene Serena, the beauty of form frozen, the sublime, kinetic energy of calm before storm.

    And in doing so, it left to the imagination the whoosh of a racket propelled forward and the seared green streak of a ball screaming across the grass, as only Serena's roar was heard bouncing above the hushed silence of a crowd left speechless.

    Aren't you glad that Bleacher Report articles aren't written by pretentious, aspiring novelists?

76. Lauren Jackson

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    Spandex basketball jerseys?

    Yes, please.

75. Logan Tom

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    The unintentional pose.

    In your best Austin Powers voice: "You are a sand crab! Burrow! Burrow! Make a series of interconnected tunnels like the Vietcong. That's it, good, good, good. NO! NO! NO! Smashing! Good, good, excellent, oh behave! And I'm spent!"

    Yup, another Austin Powers reference. Work with me, people.

74. Simona Peycheva

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    Facts about Simona Peycheva I am about to make up:

    - She was kicked off of her soccer team as a child because it was decided that she was an inefficient kicker with exhibitionist tendencies.

    - Nobody ever wanted to go bowling with her because she was constantly posing before every shot.

    - She was the only child who attempted to deflect the ball with her feet during games of "Monkey-in-the-Middle."

73. Christine Arron

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    Track and field enthusiasts would look at Arron's attire and see its aerodynamic qualities.

    I look at her suit and see its sexy qualities.

    Everybody wins!

72. Alexandra Orlando

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    Why is it necessary to twirl the ribbon? The athleticism and beauty of rhythmic gymnasts is plenty impressive enough—why distract everyone?

    Seriously, every time I see them dancing with that stupid ribbon, I feel like an annoyed cat being teased by an owner who keeps dangling a string of yarn in its face.

71. Simona Halep

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    Halep had breast reduction surgery in 2009 due to back pain and to improve the speed with which she could react while she played.

    And you should be happy for her because she was able to alleviate her back pain.

    You aren't happy for her, are you?


    I understand.

70. Kimmie Meissner

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    And now, a corny joke from a would-be Adam Sandler movie about a guy that has to learn how to figure skate in order to make money so that his girlfriend can stop stripping:

    Sandler: "I have to perfect this triple lutz, or I'll never win the big competition."

    His Competition in the Film (played by Johnny Weir): "You, land a triple lutz? More like Triple Klutz! Am I right?"

    Sandler: (makes a goofy face and laughs in an obnoxious way) "HAHA, oh, you are so funny. What a funny, funny man. By the way, your outfit makes you LOOK LIKE A GIRL!"

    Weir: "What's your point?"

    Obviously, the film will gross millions.

69. Jade Johnson

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    "A speck on a jade stone won't obscure its radiance."

    —Chinese proverb

    And I'm not seeing any specks.

68. Miwa Asao

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    In this picture, Miwa Asao is as excited to be playing beach volleyball as we are to watch her.

67. Almuenda Cid

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    Confused sporting-goods store owner:

    "Yes, Almuenda, I did ask you to take a close look at the craftsmanship used to make the ball, that is true. I just assumed you would use your hands. But by all means, proceed."

66. Skylar Diggins

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    Listen Skylar, I know you probably think it is cool that Lil Wayne is hitting you up on Twitter. He's pretty famous, after all.

    But all I'm saying is, they call him Lil Wayne.

    You read me? Lil.

    However, you can find me (@TRappaRT) on Twitter as well.

    Pretty easy decision, I know.

65. Ashley Force Hood

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    If Quagmire from Family Guy had a pit pass...

    Quagmire: "I'd like to look under that Hood. Giggity giggity!"

64. Tatiana Grigorieva

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    No need for me to write anything on this slide, is there?

63. Melanie Adams

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    We have reached the middle slide in a string of sexy pole-vaulting pictures.

    Here, we see Adams contemplating how there could possibly be a hotter picture to follow.

62. Erika Prezerakou

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    And we have reached the back end of this pole-vaulting group.

    You are welcome.

61. Sage Erickson

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    "A sage thing is timely silence, and better than any speech."


    In other words, I'll shut up now and let you enjoy the picture.

60. Paula Creamer

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    If Quagmire from Family Guy was a golf coach...

    Paula Creamer: "Coach Quagmire, I keep looking, but there is no ball in the hole!"

    Quagmire: "I definitely put one there, and you are going to bend over and look until you see it. Giggity giggity!"

59. Shanelle Loraine

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    Shanelle is known for her excellent rack.

    And obviously, I'm talking about when she sets up the balls in the triangle before the game. She is expert at setting a tight rack.

    What did you think I meant?

58. Random Surfer

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    Is it any wonder why the Beach Boys wrote so many songs about surfing?

57. Olga Puchkova

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    I love tennis outfits.

    That is all.

56. Bia and Branca Feres

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    There are exactly two reasons why anybody should watch synchronized swimming.

    And they happen to be Brazilian twins.

55. Amy Acuff

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    This picture makes me think of a Postal Service song:

    "They will see us waving from such great heights,

    'Come down now,' they'll say

    But everything looks perfect from far away,

    'Come down now,' but we'll stay..."

    Photo courtesy of Life.

54. Bianca Cruz

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    Three photos of Bianca Cruz for the price of one. The bottom-left photo would have sufficed, but I was in a giving mood.

    How I spoil you...

53. Alicia Sacramone

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    Wouldn't it have been awesome if Sacramone interrupted her routine with a little bit of "the sprinkler?"

    Because Alicia Sacramone doing "the sprinkler" is hot.

    You doing "the sprinkler?"

    Not so much.

52. Luciana Aymar

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    I don't get field hockey. The sticks are short and awkward, the ball seems impossibly hard to control, and if you shoot from beyond the shooting circle, the goal doesn't count.

    Why? Why doesn't it count for extra points, like in basketball?

    Truthfully, the only thing I find appealing about field hockey is players like Luciana Aymar.

51. Random Lingerie Football League Photo

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    When making a tackle in football, a good strategy is to attempt to strip the ball to cause a fumble. The easiest way to strip the ball is to grab the ball on one of the two points, and to rip away from the ball-carrier's body.

    The above is an excellent example of attempting the strip, though it would appear that the tackler missed the tip of the ball and latched onto something else instead.

50. Denise Richards

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    Hey, if Denise Richards is out there surfing (or stand-up paddleboarding, as was the case here), I've got to include her on the list.

    My hands are tied.

    And no, you do not get a point if you just made a "That's what she said" joke.

49. Evgeniya Kanaeva

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    Here, Evgeniya Kanaeva does a graceful—and sexy—re-imagination of the Mary Katherine Gallagher pose.


48. Daniela Hantuchova

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    Nike really knows how to effectively advertise, doesn't it?

47. Lolo Jones

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    God bless America.

46. Random LFL Photo, Pt. 2

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    On second thought, forget that I said I missed my calling in life by not being a caddie on the LPGA tour.

    Being a cameraman for the Lingerie Football League—now that's the ticket.

45. Tatiana Golovin

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    Seriously, I really love tennis outfits.

44. Sara Galimberti

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    Sara Galimberti is an Italian beauty that competes in long-distance events.

    And I would like to serenade her with a few lyrics vaguely related to traversing great distances:

    "But I would walk 500 miles

    And I would walk 500 more

    Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles

    To fall down at your door"

    When you find yourself at a loss for words, always turn to The Proclaimers. They truly were poets of their time.

43. Tanith Belbin

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    As a male ice dancer, there must be a moment when you say to yourself, "Am I really going to be an ice dancer? Am I serious right now?"

    For me, the answer would only be "Hell yeah!" based on one condition—Tanith Belbin would be my partner.

42. Formula 1 Pit Babes, Pt. 1

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    I know nothing about Formula 1 Racing, and frankly, I'm not all that interested.

    But I suppose I could be convinced otherwise...

41. Formula 1 Pit Babes, Pt. 2

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    Yup, I just became a fan.

40. Central Connecticut Volleyball

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    No, I will not use any volleyball terminology to make a pun about this picture.

    I'm above that.

    So I won't be writing things like "I dig this picture," or incorporating terms like "back set" or "bump" for the sake of a joke.

    Like I said, I'm not going there.

39. Caroline Wozniacki

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    If I played Caroline Wozniacki in tennis, I doubt I would ever get past "love."

    And not just because she would kill me and I wouldn't score a point.

38. Beatriz Recari

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    Beatriz Recari is absolutely gorgeous.

    That is all.

37. Alona Bondarenko

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    More like Alona Badunkadunk.


36. Allison Baver

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    Seriously, I love aerodynamic outfits.

    Image courtesy of Life.

35. Anna Rawson

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    I have a hard time sitting down and watching a PGA Tour event. It's a bit dull, I don't have enough in-depth knowledge about the proper use of certain clubs at certain times and the whispered announcing makes me feel like a bored kid in school trying to talk to his buddy.

    That being said, I think I'll be giving the LPGA Tour a try.

34. Random Volleyball Player

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    Do female volleyball players paint on these shorts?

    I've never seen a sport that requires tighter, skimpier uniforms.

33. Bibiana Candelas

68 of 101,0,5705551.photogallery

    Unquestionably the hottest system of relaying signals in all of sports.

32. Ana Paula Mancino

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    I rest my case.

31. Maria Verchenova

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    The golfing version of the timeless Marilyn Monroe pose.

30. Royal Air Force

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    I respect a photographer that is willing to get down and dirty in some sand to get a good perspective shot.

29. Marisa Miller

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    Tom Arnold "misses" the flags and partially pulls down Marisa Miller's pants instead.

    Yeah, I bet he missed.

    Oh, and thank you, Tom, for finally providing society with something entertaining.

    It's about time.

28. Nikki Childs

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    You know, the Lady Bulldogs really isn't a fitting moniker, is it?

27. Panama Polo Players

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    This photo caused quite the stir when it was first discovered, as somebody released a Photoshopped version that had enhanced certain assets on these ladies.

    Though I'm not sure why they saw the need to make the effort—this picture needs no alterations.

    Seriously, it is perfect just the way it is.

Panama Polo Players, Part Two

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    Hooray for Polo!

26. Alana Blanchard

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    It's official—I'm moving to Hawaii and taking up surfing.

25. Random Volleyball Player

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    I don't have the words to do this picture justice, so I turn to a man so respected for his lucidity and eloquence, they called him "Sir."

    Take it away, Sir Mix-a-Lot.

24. UCLA Cheerleaders

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    Skimpy cheerleader jersey-dresses?

    Yes, please.

    (I know, they're not competitive athletes. But they are wearing jersey-dresses—how could I pass this up?)

23. Random LFL Photo, Pt. 3

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    Not exactly a form tackle, but I certainly appreciate the effort.

22. Torrie Wilson

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    Now might be the time for you to go ahead and take a cold shower.

21. Random LFL Photo, Pt. 4

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    Finally, a form tackle.

    Break down, keep your head up as you shoot past the chest or hip, wrap, grab and drive!

    In certain circumstances, an added emphasis on the "grabbing" aspect of the tackle is totally acceptable.

20. Hot Madrid Ball Girl, Pt. 1

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    Each year, Hugo Boss switches the ball girls at the Madrid Masters tennis tournament with smoking-hot models dressed in Hugo Boss wear.


19. Hot Madrid Ball Girl, Pt. 2

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    Like I said, brilliant.

18. Ana Ivanovic

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    This photo reminds me of the Dead or Alive song, "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)," both because Ivanovic has contorted herself in a way that looks like she is in the midst of a spin, and because her hair looks similar to the Dead or Alive singer's hair.

17. Olivia Munn

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    You wish flag football in gym class was like this, don't you?

16. Sophie Horn

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    “Sugar in the gourd and honey in the horn, I was so happy since the hour I was born.”


    Or "since the hour I first laid eyes on Sophie Horn," either version is fine.

15. Danielle Moinet Snapping

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    Let's play "Which picture is hotter?"

    Is it No. 1, to the left?

    Or is it Picture No. 2?

    Take your time, I know this is a difficult decision.

14. Biba Golic

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    Ping pong rocks!

    Wait, I apologize. Table tennis rocks!

    Oh, let's be honest—Biba Golic rocks!

13. Maylan Studart

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    You didn't know horse racing could be this hot, did you?

    Wait, what's that? She isn't riding a real horse?

    Oh my, you're right. Silly me.

    Studart is a jockey, but I didn't think you would mind if I slipped this picture in. After all, actual jockey uniforms aren't exactly what I'd call sexy.

12. Sandra Pires

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    Positive reinforcement—in the form of kind words, high fives, hugs and butt taps—is a huge part of being a good teammate.

11. Joey Davenport

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    Hottest uniform ever?


    Hottest quarterback ever?


10. Maria Kirilenko

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    Eventually, I'll figure out precisely what it is about the tennis serve that I find so sexy.

    Whatever could it be?

    Until then, I'm sure you'll be enjoying this cleavage shot.


9. Ashley Massaro

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    All I can tell you about this picture is that Ashley Massaro appears to be getting pinned.

    I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.

8. Wow

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    I would also like to add, "Wow!"

    Did I mention "WOW" yet?

7. Maria Sharapova

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    There are so many possible Maria Sharapova pictures that apply to a slideshow like this, it is overwhelming.

    So consider this photo representative of the total body of work Sharapova has left us with.

6. Monique Gaxiola

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    So yeah, this is a posed picture. But it is in uniform, and she is doing a sexy Heisman pose, so I am going to allow it.

    That, and Monique Gaxiola is one of the sexiest women alive.

5. Natalie Gulbis

97 of 101

    Yeah, like you were going to read anything I wrote with this picture on the page.

4. Anna Kournikova

98 of 101,0,5705551.photogallery

    The quintessential sports hottie in action.

    Is she wearing a skirt, or is that just a washrag?

    You don't care one way or the other?

    Me neither.

3. Leryn Franco

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    As hot as Leryn Franco is, I wouldn't recommend cat-calling or whistling at her while she is competing.

    (Actually, I wouldn't recommend cat-calling or whistling at any woman, unless you are a creepy old guy in a beat-up Chevy pickup from the 60s.)

    She has a javelin, after all, and I'm fairly certain she could pierce your chest with that thing.

2. Blair O'Neal

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    If Quagmire from Family Guy was a golf coach, he would spontaneously combust upon laying eyes on the beautiful Blair O'Neal.

1. Allison Stokke

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    This picture vaulted Stokke above and beyond the competition. Simply put, this is the sexiest sports photo around, and though some of you will disagree, I don't even think it's up for debate.

    Hope you enjoyed the show!


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