WWE WrestleMania 27 Impact: What the IWC Should Expect in the Coming Weeks

LewisAnalyst IIIApril 4, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27 Impact: What the IWC Should Expect in the Coming Weeks

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    Want to know what we as fans of Sports Entertainment should expect in the coming weeks on WWE television?

    My predictions are actually 'spoilers' because I'm quite confident many of these situations will occur sometime between now and the Over the Limit WWE Pay-Per-View in May.

    Everyone had their opinion on WWE Wrestlemania 27 but I, for one, enjoyed the greatest Sports Entertainment spectacular.

    But the event has come and gone, and we can only look forward to WWE WrestleMania 28 in Miami next year.

    Who knows, The Rock may showcase his talents in his backyard so to speak.

What We Should Expect in the Coming Weeks on WWE RAW

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    The next few slides will be dedicated to Monday Night Raw. Hopefully, you like and agree; on some others, you may not, but this is the IWC and we love to debate the issues.

Randy Orton Vs. A Midcarder

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    This was one of the more harder options on the list as I felt Orton/Punk feud should conclude and Miz/Cena feud doesn't seem done as of yet so Orton is left without a viable candidate to feud with.

    This is where a mid-carder can be showcased against a top tier guy in Randy Orton.

    Alex Riley      Ted DiBiase        Zack Ryder         Tyson Kidd 

    These are the only guys I could see getting picked to feud with Randy. The first two however most likely have the largest shot at it in reality.

    As much as I like Zack Ryder, WWE won't use him in this role...yet. Kidd is the same predicament as Ryder; fortunately for Kidd; he has more air time on the NXT.

    Ted DiBiase has potential to be picked; however, it seems WWE have dropped ideas for him to become a higher level guy; so the only logical person at the moment is Riley.

    Perhaps WWE could run a story of getting through Alex Riley to get to the Miz and the WWE Championship. 

Triple H/CM Punk Feud

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    We saw a small portion which could have been the start of an epic feud some months ago featuring the two.

    If you recall it was during the Smackdown edition of Monday Night RAW following the ash cloud due to a volcano exploding and affecting WWE superstars travel across the pond.

    CM Punk and a Triple H feud in my eyes has a good chance as HHH doesn't have anything to do if he does return to Wrestling (sorry, 'Sports Entertainment').

    Punk/Orton seems done for now, so what better way for RAW's No. 2 Heel to face a future Hall of Famer in HHH?

John Morrison/Dolph Ziggler

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    We saw a lengthy feud on Smackdown some months ago, I would have Ziggler go on to Randy Orton, but WWE seems to be going in the direction of Morrison/Ziggler Part 2. 

    An X factor in this would be Vickie Guerrero, as she can use her heel heat to further improve Morrison's credibility as a face.

    Another change and improvement is that it wouldn't be for a title, which shows that both can feud without the need to incorporate a title to make it work, which previously happened on Smackdown.  

John Cena/The Miz

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    Cena/Miz at WrestleMania 27 culminated with the Rock, Rock bottoming super-Cena and performing a Peoples Elbow onto the 'Awesome one'. So the logical thing is too have another match with a clean finish involving the two.

    Doing this in a normal match wouldn't interest me a whole lot however with the Rock seemingly liking his grand return; WWE could use him in a 'Special Referee match' at Extreme Rules which would be a great idea.     

Sheamus and a United States Challenger

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    Daniel Bryan is the expected and probably the decent choice in terms of storylines.

    The two did in fact appear at WWE WrestleMania 27, however, not in the main card as stipulated. They were in a dark match which apparently didn't finish cleanly but was eventually turned into a Battle Royal won by India's Saviour, The Great Khali.

    R-Truth would be a great choice if WWE doesn't want to go with a return match; however, Sheamus/Bryan at WWE Extreme Rules excites me a whole lot more than a normal John Cena/Miz matchup, but not as close as the Rock guest refereeing it!  

What We Should Expect in the Coming Weeks on WWE Smackdown

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    What can 'I Smell cooking' on Smackdown? Have a look...

Cody Rhodes/Big Show

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    Cody Rhodes should be done with Mysterio and move onto a bigger obstacle in his challenge to top level stardom. 

    A bigger obstacle in the form of Andre the Giant's current form; The Big Show.

    Big Show needs revamped and a series of compelling matches with Rhodes would make him look less of a comedic act and more like a formidable challenge.

    Cody has a lot of momentum beating a former World Champion and although he is doing great, he needs more time and Big Show should be utilized as his stepping stone to greatness.  

Jack Swagger/Kofi Kingston

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    Both of these guys were on the cusp of greatness, Swagger early in the middle of last year with his reign as World Champion, and Kofi in his series of matches with the Viper in late 2009.

    These two are often described as the future of 'Sports Entertainment' and still should be, a lengthy feud would do wonders for both careers at this point in time.

    A glimpse of this was seen at 2010's last Pay-Per-View of the year; TLC with a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the honorable Intercontinental Title, and I for one expected something to happen between the two.   

Rey Mysterio/Wade Barrett or Drew McIntyre

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    Rey Mysterio isn't being used in the title scene anytime soon, so enhancing him in the role of 'Head Development Talent' would be great.

    Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett are the two guys who should have a shot with the largest little man. Drew needs something to do and we saw a glimpse of main event material, we've long to see when he faced Edge on Smackdown and a sinister plan in the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View.

    I wasn't a major fan of Drew before Elimination Chamber in February of this year but his turn on Wade Barrett was something everyone in the crowd enjoyed, and that is the kind of side we should see from him. Perhaps a tweener role would be beneficial for him?

    Barrett, the once main eventer, as some or most saw him, has changed quite a bunch. From beating the likes of Cena to jobbing against the Santino Bunch in a two-minute WrestleMania 27 match is a huge drop. This was once the guy we expected to take on the Streak this year....

Kane/Wade Barrett or Drew McIntyre

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    Either one of the British guys could do well with Kane.

    Although with Wade having a small-time feud with him at the moment, WWE could turn it into a full-blown feud and would do great for Wade Barrett's credibility.  

Alberto Del Rio/Edge with Interactions with Christian and Brodus Clay

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    I think quite a large amount grew suspended as to when the heel turn for Christian was going to take place.

    It never happened; however, I feel either Del Rio should win at Extreme Rules and feud with another face for the title or make Edge win the feud...ultimately with Christian turning heel to face his buddy in time to finish around Summerslam. 

    I was fairly disappointed with the Smackdown's main event going on the WrestleMania main card first. It should have been higher up however I expected a no-changer here as generally early title matches don't have a change in champions. 

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