Wrestlemania 27: How the Show and the Company Were Defined by Its Dark Match

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Wrestlemania 27: How the Show and the Company Were Defined by Its Dark Match

Yesterday I wrote a positive preview for Wrestlemania 27 and about how WWE could make the best of their card. I was trying to be realistic about how they could appeal both to the kids and those who like WWE for the entertainment, while still appealing to those of us unfashionable fans like you and me who like wrasslin'. Now I've not had a chance to catch the replay or watch the matches yet, but after reading the results and the play-by-play I couldn't help but think about how WWE still surprises me by doing some things interesting or right and screwing up some many other things that it really isn't funny. 

In short, I thought that although the Cole vs. Lawler match was long, the ending was a good twist, The Rock's involvement in the Main Event handled reasonablely OK. However, I don't think that excuses the horrendous way the card was structured, especially starting off the show with the world heavyweight title match. Not only do I personally think it was an insult to the big gold belt but doesn't winning the Royal Rumble guarantee you main event Mania?   

The thing that perhaps annoyed me more was the fact the US title match got bumped off the card to a dark match, which became a lumberjack match and then a battle royal won by the Great Khali? As the title suggests for me this summed up not only the subsequent show, the apparent biggest and best sports' entertainment' card of the year, but sums up the entire attitude of the company both in the ring and backstage right now and for the future.

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The first issue it highlighted was the WWEs lack of organisation and professionalism. The way the WWE has for a long time changed plans last minute before a PPV or have planned out storylines in a week-by-week basis is disorganised and doesn't seem to do any favors for the talent. I have no doubts that Daniel Bryan and Sheamus will be on future Wrestlemania cards and I can't interrupt how either men feel about missing out on such an opportunity to compete on PPV at the grandest stage of them all, by if I was either one of them I'd feel demoralised and slightly angry that they have no made a decision to the last minute. The writers like puppet masters have so much influence over these men's lives and yet the WWE cannot be bothered to plan ahead or map out the development of PPVs and talent?

Secondly and more importantly, it just shows the mindset of the WWE writing team and the state of the company's PG product right now. It might not be a sad day for wrestling fans because it seems for a while now the writing has been on the wall and that wrestling is no longer word used or even allowed to be spoken by any of the WWEs employees, but the fact that this has happened at Mania perhaps solidifies the reality that in the coming months we will see more talk and less fight.

It also seems to suggest we will see more mindless booking decisions that don't benefit any member of talent or do much in the way of making the younger WWE stars look credible. The mid-card titles have become a joke and will stay that way.

It's been clear for sometime but maybe I just didn't want to fully believe it. I saw some shades of hope in the build up to Mania but let's face it, sports entertainment is hear to stay and wrestling in the WWE will always be dirty word. 

To be realistic the WWE will always have fans in its child audience, but then what hurts more is how they turn their backs on their older fans and treat their talent the way they do. It's sad but true, but I guess you already knew that.

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