Why Liverpool FC Should Come With a Health Warning

Karen PatelCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

So far this season, my heart has gone through so much strain thanks to Liverpool FC—and it's only October.

The Reds are renowned for their comebacks, but so far this campaign they seem to be coming thick and fast.

Wins against Marseille, Middlesbrough, Manchester United, and now Manchester City have seen Rafa's side turn a losing position to a winning one.

The roller-coaster nature of Liverpool games is not good for one's health.

The Liverpool fan experiences so many emotions during a game—the disappointment of conceding a goal, the hope of a goal scraped back, the frustration and regret of missed chances, and the unrelenting joy of a last-minute winner.

My heart is constantly palpitating during such encounters to the extent that I feel as if my chest is going to explode, which is why I would like to issue a health warning to my fellow Liverpool supporters.

My dear friends, if you have a nervous disposition or a heart condition, please refrain from watching our matches. Instead, check the end result, and then you can watch the highlights later, safe in the knowledge that you won't be risking your health.

Many times over recent years have I almost turned into a dribbling mess thanks to Rafa's comeback kings. The relief of the final whistle is what saves me from near death or insanity.

Yet, making me go cold turkey from my Merseyside heroes will surely reduce me to a stint in a psychiatric ward or a rehab clinic.

So I will carry on putting my heart through such turmoil, until a doctor tells me that I have to stop (even then there is no guarantee I will).