Purple Growl Top 25 After Week Six

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

This week was extremely difficult to rank 12-25. The only move in the top 10 was South Florida moving to 24 and Texas Tech moving to no.9.

Some of you will ask why Kentucky moved to the 25 spot when they were not ranked last week and lost this week. Well Fresno St, UCONN, Wisconsin and Auburn fell out of my top 25. Kentucky is 4-1 and gave Alabama trouble in Alabama. I watched most of the game and I saw a Kentucky team that will surprise a few teams this year. They have a great secondary and I think they deserve a mention in the top 25.

Also, when you read my articles and I discuss team rankings, I am referring to the official polls. This is my rankings and when I start to feel more confident in my ability to rank teams more accurate I will start using my rankings instead, but until then when I discuss rankings in other articles I am referring to either the AP or the Coaches Poll.

1. Oklahoma (Big 12)
2. LSU (SEC)
3. Missouri (Big 12)
4. Alabama (SEC)
5. Texas (Big 12)
6. Penn St (Big 10)
7. USC (PAC 10)
8. BYU (Mid West)
9. Texas Tech (Big 12)
10. Florida (SEC)
11. Georgia
12. OSU
13. Virginia Tech
14. Vanderbilt
15. Utah
16. Boise St
17. Georgia Tech
18. Kansas
19. Oklahoma St
20. Michigan St
21. Northwestern
22. North Carolina
23. Boston College
24. South Florida
25. Kentucky

You can also check out the rankings on my website.