WrestleMania 27 What the Hell Moments: Events That Left Us Shaking Our Heads.

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIApril 4, 2011

Last night in Atlanta was the culmination of fifty two weeks of planning by WWE. It was a star-studded show with the likes of the Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold and John Cena. Additionally, there were other popular culture stars like Snooki, Keri Hilson and Snoop Dog.

With a list of this calibre, one would think that the "what the hell" moments would encompass heart stopping, eye opening, jaw dropping, bone breaking, mind blowing, beer drinking, career defining, electrifying events. WWE did deliver on some of these above mentioned events, and I am sure many writers will address these, but I want to focus on those that left us scratching our heads wondering why?

A case in point regards the match between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. I was entertained, as we all got to see what we wanted to see for about four months now, which was Cole getting the words slapped out of his mouth. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Cole being beaten to a pulp inside the Cole mine; it was poetic justice.

I loved seeing Stone Cold laying the smack down on Swagger and Cole and I did not even frown too much when the anonymous RAW general manager beeped in to change the referee’s decision awarding the match to Cole because of the abuse of power by the referee. I had seen what I wanted to see and more importantly I did not have to listen to Cole commentate through the WWE title match; I was happy enough with that even though officially Cole was the winner.

What I was really disturbed at was seeing Josh Matthews pay the price at the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler. After the commentator read the declaration of the RAW manager, he was thrown into the ring where he was stunned by Stone Cold.

I am still trying to figure out why this was done. Anyone with possible answers can let me know. He was just the messenger of bad news. In fact he was the messenger who has been supporting Lawler all along. Did he deserve this, and more importantly, what does it mean (if anything) for his relationship with the other commentators in the future?

In fact, this was not the only time a commentator got involved. Booker T also suffered because he thought it was a good idea to go celebrate with The King and The Rattlesnake during the time Lawler thought he had won. What was the point? I guess we’ll have to watch Tough Enough to find out. Announcing seems to be a high risk job now at WWE (suddenly my job doesn’t seem as bad anymore.

Another issue for me was the eight-man tag-team match. Yes I know, the tag teams are in a state of disarray. However when your company is putting on the biggest show of the year and it includes an eight-man match, at least you expect it to last a certain amount of time.

It was in fact shorter than the Cole-Lawler match, and by that I mean shorter than the time Cole actually spent IN the ring. Here we had all these superstars, the Corre (who hold two titles by the way), Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino, yet we did not get to see as much action as we would expect from a pay-per-view.

In fact, just as the match started getting interesting with bodies strewn everywhere, it came to an abrupt end. I know some of you must be saying “Hasn’t she grown accustomed to disappointment in the tag team matches?,” but a few seconds before the cobra I was actually thinking, “wow, it seems like they are learning to get it right.”

Then there was the knockout punch, leaving Heath Slater lying on the floor, the physical manifestation of the knockout blow to the small inkling of hope I had for a more entertaining match. We simply did not see enough action from all the characters promised in the build up to this match.

The second tag-team match of the night involved Team Lay-Cool and Dolf Ziggler taking on Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Nicole Snooki Polizzi. My complaints on this are similar to the ones highlighted in reference to the eight-man tag team match.

We barely saw Layla in the ring, except of course when she was fighting with Michelle, and we did not see much of Dolf at all. This means that we only saw one move from Morrison, which was executed outside the ring. Talk about debuting a new outfit for no reason. No complaints about Trish, she did the bulk of the work together with McCool. Snooki did as well as could be expected. But really thought we would have seen Morrison vs Ziggler a bit more than we did. That was a disappointment for me.

The handling of the two tag-team matches said the same thing to me. WWE was trying to fit all their top superstars into WrestleMania 27. In order to accommodate them, teams were made up to include the ones who were not in singles competition for the night, but were seemingly deserving to be on the grandest stage of them all.

With this being done, the records will state that they took part yes, but what about the quality of the performance? There is no doubt that many talented superstars suffered at this WrestleMania. The list of casualties include: John Morrison (give the poor guy a break), Dolf Ziggler (at least he still got Vickie), Jack Swagger (not really sure what was the point of having him there), Kane and Wade Barrett (he is the intercontinental Champion and you wouldn’t even know it).

Well that is about all the complaining you are going to hear from me at the moment. At least the aforementioned superstars actually had a match, unlike the Diva’s Champion Eve Torres and we were treated to a great match between Undertaker and Triple H, who saved the night with a really impressive performance.