Reasons Why WrestleMania 27 Didn't Have a Chance to Succeed

Sean JacksonContributor IIIApril 3, 2011

There are many reactions following WrestleMania 27. Some like the event, many did not. The truth was this year’s version didn’t have much a shot.

Here are some reasons.

Creative needs to get a grip. How do you make Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan a dark match? Worse than that, they decided to make it a lumberjack match. This match intrigued me the most. For the most part, this year’s WrestleMania needed a great under card match like this one to kick the show into high gear. Instead, they ruined what should have been a great opening match.

There was no Money in the Bank Ladder Match. These are normally good matches which feature some of the mid card performers. It provides them a chance to make a huge impression on the biggest stage. Additionally, it allows the winner a main event match. There’s no downside to it. Instead, creative decided to run with an eight-man tag team match. This isn’t Survivor Series; this is the biggest night of the year. Instead of rewarding your fans, which are paying a ton to watch your product you give them filler material.

Finally, there were too many distractions from the actual events.

I love having the Rock back. The only problem being since he has returned it has pretty much killed any hype between Cena and The Miz because everyone assumed the Rock would get involved, and when he did, it didn’t catch many by surprise.

I understand the hype for a Cena vs. The Rock match is huge but you shouldn’t sacrifice the main event of the biggest pay-per-view of the year to set up something that may not go down for another year.

Additionally, having personalities like Snooki may add publicity but do nothing for your product. All they do is force creative to add them to a match, which does nothing for the card. Again, the wrestling fans pay the price.

When you factor all of these things up, it shows WrestleMania had an up hill battle to start. While matches like Undertaker vs. Triple H lived up to its billing, the overall show didn’t impress.