Georgia, the Buckeyes Are Waiting for You!

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2008

It's Official!!  Laurinaitis is on his way back to the Buckeyes.  That pretty much solidifies us for another run at the National Championship!

I know that all the SEC fans are excited for us to be at the top again seeing as we just can't beat you guys.  Our poor football program just doesn't have the players or the coaching that you have in the SEC.  Ha!  Ha!  What a funny little conference you are.

I just can't wait to get back to the title game for a third time.  I am certain that this 0-9 record will be changed in Miami.  I think we will start off by going into the Coliseum on September 13 and wiping the floor with USC.  Do you really think you have a shot a beating us, Pete Carroll?  The only chance you have is to pay off our team just like you pay off your players.  Who knows, maybe he won't even be the coach after the Reggie Bush saga. 

I guess my biggest hope is that the National Title game will be against those SEC wanna be's Georgia.  I have watched as Georgia self destructs year after year, and then you say that we whine!  Did anyone happen to catch all the crying Georgia did after they were denied a seat in the National Championship?  They are so mad they are still crying.  Do I need to remind you UGA that Tennessee throttled you in the regular season?  Go Dawgs!!

Well, I guess there is only one way we will find out how good you are: when we see you against a tough Vanderbilt team, or a 6-6 Saban (4 million a year are you kidding me?) team or what about the real deal teams in your conference, Florida and LSU? 

You aren't in their league or our league. You are a pretender Georgia and you can't match what we do anyday of the week.

I throw this challenge out to you Georgia fans: keep your mouths quiet all year long and we might see you in Miami.  Remember, you are no LSU or Florida. I think it is time for us to silence all the critics and take it to the house for our 2nd National Title in 7 years and our 4th visit.  I don't know about Georgia, or USC for that matter, but that sounds to me like the best team over the past decade is the Buckeyes! 

If you don't believe now, you will come January. See you in Miami!