Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon: Shake and Bake?!

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IOctober 5, 2008

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon announced yesterday that they would "set aside their competitive differences, for a portion of the race at least, and work on their team building skills."
Dear Tiny Jesus, in your golden fleece diapers with your tiny, little fat balled up fists say it isn't so!
I know that they are teammates now and that they are supposed to play nice with each other, but I'm just not ready for this brotherly love!
"Me and Jeff are thinking about going up front, running hard ... go up there and try to learn how to work together," Earnhardt said. "I think it will work good, we got to make it work."
They are both incredible restrictor plate racers, having a combined total of 11 wins between them. The aligning of the stars makes for the perfect storm, but it leaves me feeling a bit unsettled. I am not sure how I feel about these warm, fuzzy feelings. I want to see some ol' school beatin' and bangin' from these two.  Is that so wrong? I'm just not ready for a kinder, gentler Dale Jr.
There is no 'I" in team, perhaps which is why Dale Jr. so slyly referred to himself as "me."  Maybe he is just sweet talking Jeff, whispering those sweet nothings in his ear, telling him exactly what he wants to hear before pulling a whammy of a win out from under him!
OK, I know that it's a stretch, but I am trying hard to read between the lines. When it comes down to five laps to go, I fully expect the "bro-mance" to end and see their true competitive colors emerge.
I want to see them shake it then bake it!
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