Technology Accessed Sport

Tim OatesCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2008

The choices sports fans have to access and view sports have fascinated me for sometime. Sports have benefited from the rapid changes in technology.

Today, sports and media are major players in some of the most profitable sport-entertainment companies in the world. Sports and media have an overwhelming presence in the United States of America, and therefore a great opportunity for media companies to profit from this society. Other countries seem to being playing a game of catch-up.

One has to wonder whether worldwide sport would have been experiencing such popularity in sport if it wasn’t for the technological developments in sports media. Would sports be occupying as much time as it does today if it wasn’t for media technological inventions?

The types of sport media mediums seem endless. From television, print media, radio, to newer mediums such as the Internet, blogging, podcasts, cellphones/mobile phones, streaming video online.

The presence of the sports/media relationship in our society at present is amazing but exciting no limits in future of sports media is mind blowing. Sports-media mediums have brought the sporting event to your living room, bedroom, car, cell phone, iPod, and computer screen.

Unlike movies or television programmes, sport isn’t scripted and therefore anything can happen. Live is everything and reruns don’t count. You can prolong a movie but sports wait for no one.


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    Iconic Sports Illustrated Writer Deford Dies at Age 78

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