20 Fan Wishes: What Every Detroit Fan Should Have on Their Ultimate Wish List

Matt Sheehan@@MattSheehan333Analyst IApril 3, 2011

20 Fan Wishes: What Every Detroit Fan Should Have on Their Ultimate Wish List

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    In the sports world, there are no better and loyal fans than the ones that surround the Motor City. Every fan has their wishes, but what wishes should headline every Detroit fan's list?

    In this slide show, we dive into the top 20 realistic wishes that every Detroit fan would love to be a part of.

No. 20: Receive a Friendly Punch from Darren McCarty

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    I say friendly punch because we don't want anyone to be liable for any medical bills. Just a nice little punch on the arm will give Red Wing fans a glimpse of what it was like to mess with one of Detroit's biggest punishers ever to put on a jersey.

No. 19: Slide into Tiger Stadium's Home Plate

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    I don't know where it is, but wherever it is, put in the ground and take a slide right into the home plate where so much history has happened. Sure, they probably changed the plates here and there and the Tiger's finest years weren't at the end of the Tiger Stadium era, but the point is that the base was in the ground of one of the most historic ballparks ever.

    It's a shame that the landmark is all torn down now.

No. 18: Give Spare Change to the "Eat 'Em Up Tigers" Guy

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    If you've been to Comerica Park in the last five years, you know who I'm talking about. This guy came around the Tiger's magical run to the World Series, and his "eat 'em up Tigers, eat 'em up (jingle jingle)" chant has even become an iconic chant at many Tiger's games.

    So why not give some loose change to one of the biggest fans never to enter the ballpark?

No. 17: Take a Shot on Chris Osgood

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    "Ozzie" has been one of the greatest goalies in not only Red Wing's history, but in NHL history, as well. Starting in the net for two Stanley Cups (1998 and 2008), what fan wouldn't want to take a shot at the wall of Detroit just to see how they would do?

No. 16: Erase the Last Ten Years of Lion's Football from Their Memories

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    1999 was our last playoff appearance?


    By now, every Lion fan's face is permanently damaged from all the cringing they have done in the last 10 years, whether it be an awful draft pick or the imperfect 0-16 season. All that the most scarred NFL fans want would just be to clear any recollection of Lion's football they have had in the last decade, and hope that Jim Schwartz will turn this ship around.

No. 15: Put on Rip Hamilton's Mask

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    Can he see well out of that thing?

    Does it get really sweaty when he wears it?

    Is it uncomfortable as it looks?

    All of these commonly asked questions can be answered by getting the chance to put on their champion shooting guards famous mask.

No. 14: Put on the 2006 ALCS Ring

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    Just three years removed from their 119 loss season, the 2006 Tigers restored the roar in Detroit baseball and had the whole city buzzing. The Tigers somewhat unexpectedly charged through the Yankees and Athletics to bring them to their first World Series since 1984.

No. 13: Talk Tigers Baseball with Mario Impemba and Rod Allen

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    Ah yes, the voices of summer. These two men have graced all of Detroit with timeless calls, and come on, how awesome would it be to talk about baseball with these two, even it was just for five minutes.

No. 12: Forgive Jim Joyce in Person

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    In the middle of last season the whole baseball world was shook as veteran umpire Jim Joyce made an error with a call that snatched a perfect game away from Armando Galarraga. Every baseball fan was pretty upset with this, but none were as livid as die-hard Tiger fans. After almost a year has passed since the incident, and by now, most of us know that Bud Selig, the man who could have overturned the call, was the real moron in this dilemma.

    Many fans, including myself, wished the worst for Joyce, but now that it has blown over, I know I would enjoy shaking his hand and forgiving him for the most important call that was never made.

No. 11: Shake Steve Yzerman's Hand

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    And why not? Our captain was pivotal in turning the Red Wings into the dynasty that they are today, and what would be a better way to show your gratuity and receive the most memorable handshake of your life than shaking the hand of the one and only Steve Yzerman?

No. 10: Ignore Matt Millen During an Encounter

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    In my mind, there is no better civil way to stick it to this guy than to give him a stone cold shoulder. The best scenarios would be not even making eye contact with him while wearing any Lion's clothing, or if by some chance you're in a conversation around him talk about Lion's football, but don't look his way or even think about bringing him into the conversation.

No. 9: Catch a Justin Verlander Fastball

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    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any hand and/or wrist injuries that result from this. A no-hitter and Rookie of the Year trophy, and a 100 mile per hour fastball is what this guy has in his arsenal.

    Whenever the Tiger faithful watch the game, we always wonder how fast JV is really bringing the heat, and the best way would be to get behind the dish and let him pop the glove with a world famous fastball.

No. 8: Feel Ben Wallace's Fro

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    If there was one iconic item from the Piston's 2004 title run, it would be Big Ben's afro. That doo was so legendary, there were t-shirts dedicated to it. Now I know he doesn't have the fro anymore, but if he ever has the plan of growing it back, then expect a line outside of his house filled with people that want to touch D-Town history.


No. 7: Sign a Petition to Get Lion's Cheerleaders

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    This is a desperate need for the Lions. Whenever the Lions were getting smeared over the years, cheerleaders would have been a good shot to keep some fans in their seats. And besides, have cheerleaders ever hurt a teams chances of making the playoffs?

    Don't think so.

No. 6: Kiss the Stanley Cup

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    I have actually had the chance to do this at a very young age, and even then it was one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever taken part in. The Wings have become a Stanley Cup factory, leaving many greats kissing the Cup after the last game of the season, and why not give every fan that feeling?

No. 5: See the Lion's Win in Person

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    With Jim Schwartz coaching the Lions, I have a feeling this will be more common. Loyal fans that don't get to go down to Ford Field a whole lot should still be able to celebrate a Lions win in person. Because after all, we have suffered the longest success drought.

No. 4: Drink out of the Cup That Hit Ron Artest

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    Easily one of the most hectic nights in sports history, and definitely the most popular cup in sports history. A perfect sales opportunity is right in front of our eyes with offering people to drink a beverage out of the cup that sparked the biggest brawl in NBA history.

    Now that's refreshing.

No. 3: Put on Ty Cobb's Jersey

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    One of baseball's earliest pioneers just happens to be a Tiger as well. Wherever his jersey or blood covered cleats maybe, how great would it be to throw on the most famous numberless jersey in the history of baseball?

No. 2: Punch Claude Lemieux in the Face

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    His cheap shot on Kris Draper was the check heard around the world, and it led to the hottest rivalry ever on ice between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings. Darren McCarty absolutely polished him off a year later in the rivalry making Lemieux the biggest wimp on skates that night, but why stop there?

    Whenever a Wings fan runs into the most hated man in Hockeytown, we should all do the honors in punching him right in the kisser. (Note: I do not condone violence, I'm clearly just kidding...kind of).

No. 1: Eat Dinner with Mike Illitch

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    I would do anything to have a meal with the savior of Detroit sports. This fine man is in charge of everything what's right in Detroit, including the Red Wings, Tigers, Fox Theater and even Little Caesars. Throughout this dinner I would constantly thank him for everything that he has done to generations of fans and convince him to purchase the Pistons.

    Great man right there.