WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results: New World Champion and 10 Other Lessons

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Results: New World Champion and 10 Other Lessons

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    With So many things happening at WWE Extreme Rules 2011 - I predicted that it will be a great PPV and that it would showcase WWE Wrestlemania 27 was lackluster in comparison.

    And I was correct.

    To be honest, this PPV was one of the best in recent years and certainly will go down as one of my favorites, purely because Captain Charisma, Christian finally won a WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

    And to me - nothing has ever come close to the joy of me watching it.

    I said in my previous article - I would 100% prefer to have Christian a main eventer than have The Rock return full time.

    That's how dedicated to Christian, I am....

    Well - what other things did We learn in WWE?

    Lets take a look 

Kharma Debuted!

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    Although I didn't state that she would come back on here. 

    I always had a feeling with Michelle McCool leaving - Kharma/Awesome Kong would have an excellent debut if arriving when McCool lost. 

    And it was a good debut - how many Divas can say they dismantled The Undertaker's Wife with  no backlash?

    Hopefully - WWE can give us a feud with Gail Kim. As many of us know, They had an epic rivalry due their time in TNA

The United States Championship Has Gone to RAW ...... with Kofi Kingston

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    The reason i've put the Celtic Warrior's picture up is because even though he dropped the title - it should mark the beginning of his rise to number one heel on Smackdown. 

    With no exact top heel at the moment on the Blue Brand - Sheamus is the most logical pick aside from Cody Rhodes (Rhodes isn't ready yet in my opinion). Unless WWE pull a swerve and turn Randy Orton or Christian heel - Assume Sheamus to climb back to the top of the Mountain.  

Cody Rhodes Should Have a Program with Orton

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    Rhodes is just beneath the glass ceiling of the main event spot.

    A feud with Orton would be the feud that propels him to the 1st or 2nd heel spot on Smackdown. 

    His feud with Rey Mysterio has really shown that WWE has some faith in him and thanks to Rey Mysterio, Cody isn't to be lost in the shuffle any time soon.  

John Cena Wins and Is a Ten Time World Champion

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    Cena is a ten time Champion and WWE looks to be building a feud between Cenation and Del Rio which some reports have claimed to headline SummerSlam this year and will conclude with Destiny as Rio is locked for that win...  

Randy Orton and CM Punk: This Match Didn't Save Thier Lackluster Feud

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    Their match was good and the finish was well worth the wait but all in all - this feud won't win feud of the year.

    The feud was one of the feuds that just haven't lived up to the hype - Maybe it was the demolition of the Nexus prior Wrestlemania or the lack of CM Punk winning....

    It all just didn't seem to work and I wasn't really emotionally involved in the match and I should - that's the difference between a decent feud to a great feud.

The Intercontinental Championship Is Still on the Back Burner

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    Wade Barret must be really confused with his position in WWE, Wrestling the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton to to be wrestling Kane and Big Show in a Tag Team match with barely a build-up. 

    I could understand Slater and Gabriel as they have an actual past with the Tag Champs but Wade since becoming Intercontinental Champion hasn't really had a feud for the title.

    WWE should really split him up with the others and let him have a feud with Bryan or Sin Cara.  

Why Layla May Become Irrelevant

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    Now LayCool has finished. 

    Layla may just become another diva.....

    By that I mean a diva or has the spotlight then disappears. 

    Alicia Fox was all over the TV when Champion and rightly so.

    Eve wasn't no where to be seen until capturing the Divas title and now she lost it to the Bellas - expect it again.

    Natayla was on a role as divas Champion - she has rarely been seen in the RAW Ring.

    Melina is slowly disappearing from TV - I wouldn't be surprised is she is part of the spring cleaning.... 


    The future doesn't bode to well for Layla.

Zack Ryder

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    During the Tag Team Championship match, lumberjack were around the ring.

    DH Smith as a cowboy was there.

    NXT rookies were there

    Yoshi Tatsu was around too.

    I have nothing against these guys but don't you think Zack Ryder should have been there?

    WWE might have some problem with Ryder as of late due to his promotion tactics and recently at the 02 arena in London - Security took his signs....

    WWE has heat with Ryder   

Why Was Riley with Miz?

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    Was their a reason Alex Riley was in a backstage skit with Miz - I thought WWE were trying to separate the two.

    That prediction of some about Miz going to Smackdown doesn't seem so unlikely now.... 

JR and Lawler Lost: Cue over the Limit to Feature a Rematch

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    Another rematch may happen at WWE's next PPV - Over the Limit.

    Lawler has still yet to win over Cole and until that happens more matches will follow.

    Mr Wrestlemania is still yet to put on a show-stealing match.

Christian: WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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    Christian has become World Champion in WWE.

    After years of peeps shouting, marking and hell leaving WWE for TNA only to go back to WWE.

    Christian is the leader of the Blue Brand has finally made it in WWE.

    Hell - I'll say it - I dropped a tear or two following Christian win.

    And for the first time I actively shouted and screamed and marked out like never before in my living room.

    That's what WWE is supposed to do - make you feel.

    I couldn't give a (cue Ron Simmons) DAMN about the Triple Threat match - I ordered this PPV for one thing - Christian.

    All I can say now is:

    Christian - You made it 

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