WWE Wrestlemania 27: Another Disappointing PPV for the Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 3, 2011

As I sit here waiting for WrestleMania 27, only hours from now, I'm reminded once again that I will not be watching a Divas match that showcases anything good or relevant when it comes to anything related to the Divas. Once again, the WWE has shown what they really think of the Divas.

Let me start out by saying that I'm not upset with the six person intergender tag we are getting, nor that Snooki is going to be in the match. There had to be someone on the card or involved in Wrestlemania that garnered mainstream media attention. It's a necessary piece of the puzzle.

The WWE got tons of attention when it was announced on RAW, and it will get even more for the next week: a success for Vince McMahon. I know people are mad about Snooki, even going as far as saying that indie wrestlers yet to even be in the WWE should be mad. I don't think it needs to go that far. It's not like there's a title on the line, or that Snooki will be doing the heavy lifting. It's simply a random match aimed at trying to get people to spend money.

Now, the Divas actually in the WWE are the ones who should be upset, including LayCool. First and foremost, the WWE Divas Champion, Eve, should probably the most upset of them all. She's not getting an opportunity to defend her title nor even be featured on the card in any capacity. I was expecting the match to be announced as a Lumberjill match, as the WWE has a tendency to have all the Divas at least appear at WM at the very least.

Although featured in the match with legendary Diva Trish Stratus, LayCool should also be disappointed in the capacity in which they are being used. One of them will most likely take the pin from Snooki and have a WM moment be made unimportant because of that. The two of them have been consistently in any storyline all last year and were, for most of it, Divas Champions, and to not get some kind of solo, three way, or even fatal four match or a shot at the title is a major letdown.

Sure, it's disappointing. Unfortunately, it's become expected. The WWE has always been hot and cold when it comes to the Divas. Sometimes, the right person will be champion, in the right storyline, and be able to put on a good show. Other times, the green girls will get all the attention, and what they get is for how bad they are in three minute matches. It still baffles me that the WWE can have who they have in their roster and be completely incapable of knowing what to do with them. It seems, when it comes to the WWE and WrestleMania, the Divas, once again, are taking a backseat.