WrestleMania 27: Another Disappointing PPV for the Universe Hype over Substance

Bleacher Report Contributor IApril 4, 2011


WrestleMania 27: Another Disappointing PPV for the Universe Hype over Substance

This year’s “Showcase Of The Immortals” lived off the nostalgia of previous show-stopping moments.

There were few and far between moments for the live crowd and viewers at home to jump out of their seats and grasp to moments to relive every time WrestleMania is hyped for the following year.

Like WrestleManias past, this year's had it all to become memorable and majestic the celebrity involvement, the returns, the streak and matches with a solid build up with the WWE’s marketing machine running full tilt.

However, with all the positive, this WrestleMania had failed.

Instead of the matches we were expecting, we had been dealt a disappointing attempt at a WrestleMania. Instead of a grand four-hour spectacle, I, as a wrestling fan who has been watching sports and entertainment for over 20 years, have not been this disappointed after viewing a WrestleMania that I wanted a refund.

My first point to solidify my argument is having the World Title start the event. This should have been the main event by technicality.

This match was supposed to be the main event because Alberto Del Rio won the 40-man Royal Rumble which, unless I am mistaken, entitles him to be the go home match.

Even though it was a decently worked match, it had deserved better placement on the card.

Following the world title was Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes with another decent match, as Rhodes picked up the won over Mysterio after the help from Mysterio’s leg brace.

I am going to skip the eight-man tag to what I believe was the best match on the card Randy Orton Vs CM Punk.

From the beginning, this match had in-ring psychology with Punk’s facial expressions and perfectly timed moves and Orton selling his injured leg...at times overselling his leg but still had put on the match on the finishing with a RKO.

From here on, the event went from stale to mediocre.

The Cole-Lawler match was expected to be a filler match for Jerry Lawler to have his moment, which was later ruined as Stone Cold delivered a patented Stunner to an unsuspecting members of the WWE staff.

 Triple H vs. The Undertaker for the Undertaker’s streak.

This match was hyped as being Undertaker’s last real chance of a loss to his undefeated record. This match was the most entertaining.I and many of the members of the WWE Universe were anticipating an all-out brawl and carnage that pushed the envelope of the PG rating instead the most explosive moves were the destruction of the “Cole Fortress of Attitude” and the near-botched spinebuster through the Spanish Announce Table. This match was slower than expected but had few moments to latch on to as the Triple H Tombstone.

 However there was a fraction of the amount ofemotion that I felt as I did with the last two WrestleManias, where both the Undertaker and HBK displayed the true art form of wrestling.

This was what I expected out of Triple H and the Undertaker this year, even if Undertaker and Triple H were limited from their injuries suffered from the year previous.

Ring rust was prevalent in this match as neither man had a string of matches to compete in before this encounter for their muscle memory to kick in to put on a story arc in the match leaving us wanting more instead of having Undertaker and Triple H slow down to exhaustion

Last but certainly not least was the Raw main Event for the WWE championship match between The Miz and John Cena.

The true only positive was for the first time in three years, John Cena didn’t leave WrestleMania with a World Championship belt on his hands.

Even though the match was mediocre, the much-anticipated interference from The Rock was even more disappointing.

Once the match had finished in a double count out, The Rock came storming down to the ring to have the match restarted. He then exacted revenge on Cena to have the Miz win and to set up a possible feud between Rock and Cena.

Before I finish, I did not mention the match with Snooki as I did not want this article to go on to a second part.

Overall, this WrestleMania is a 5/10 as it could and should have been better; hopefully, WrestleMania 28 in Miami will be much better.