Brandon Knight: 6 Reasons He Should Declare for the NBA Draft

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IApril 2, 2011

Brandon Knight: 6 Reasons He Should Declare for the NBA Draft

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    Freshman phenom Brandon Knight has led the Kentucky Wildcats all the way to the Final Four in the 2011 NCAA tournament.

    Before March Madness, many people weren't sure if Knight would declare for the 2011 NBA draft or stay another year in Kentucky. Now, his latest performances on the court should definitely lead to him saying goodbye to Coach Calipari and saying hello to the NBA.

    Besides that, here are some other reasons that should sway Knight to declare.

No. 6: He's Already Made the Final Four

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    Most college athletes in the NCAA tournament dream of making the Final Four.

    They want it so badly that it stops some of them from entering the NBA draft if they fail to make it their freshman year. Brandon Knight has already made the Final Four.

    Unless he is obsessed with winning a championship, which I find highly unlikely, Knight won't have anything else to accomplish in college.

No. 5: Other Freshmen Are Leaving

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    One of the other leaders of Kentucky is freshman Terrence Jones.

    Jones and Knight have performed well together and are a huge part of the Wildcat's success. Jones is almost certainly declaring for the NBA draft himself, as he will be taken in the top 10.

    Without Jones, Knight will have to find new players to make connections with, and it probably won't be that easy to continue the same chemistry that he has with Jones currently.

No. 4: John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins

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    Both John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were freshmen at Kentucky last year, and both are in the NBA now.

    Watching these Wildcats have success in the NBA must be encouraging for Knight. He knows that two freshmen with the talent similar to himself haven't struggled at all at the next level.

    Plus, if he ever needs help, those are two players that he can contact.

No. 3: He's a Top Guard

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    If he declares now, he'll be one of the top guards taken in the draft.

    Possibly even in the top 10. Knight would most likely be the third or fourth guard taken.

    If he stays at Kentucky, there is no guarantee he'd be taken that high next year, especially if he gets injured. Passing up on the top 10 is extremely hard to do.

No. 2: Buzzer-Beaters

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    Truthfully, Knight's stock can't get much higher, especially after the run he's had in the NCAA tournament.

    While it's possible he can have a better regular season next year, that won't give him the same national attention that the tournament gives.

    Two, count 'em, two buzzer-beaters in his four tournament games. If he wasn't a college basketball household name before this, he is now. There's no way he can replicate those magical shots next year, and his stock is about as high as it can be.

No. 1: Money

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    When it comes down to it, the draft is all about the money.

    The extra amount of money he could make by playing one year sooner in the NBA is amazing. Knowing you have the chance to be rich now, and passing that up for another year of studying is nearly impossible to do.

    Goodbye Brandon Knight and good luck in the NBA.