My Perfect Picks in Week Six

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2008

Honestly, I do not like to blow my own horn, but picking against the spread is a gift I have. This week, the three teams I suggested to bet on covered.

Also, if you read my article from Tuesday, I didn’t recommend that you bet on the Stanford vs Notre Dame game but if for some reason you wanted to I suggested you take Stanford at +8.

The final score was in Notre Dame’s favor, 28-21. Stanford barely covered, but they did, and that is what’s important.

Ole Miss was favored against South Carolina at home. South Carolina went into Ole Miss as a +2.5 underdog but Ole Miss won a big games last week which was too much for a rebuilding program.

The Ole ball coach needed this win and he got it, so not only did South Carolina cover, they won the game. If I was an odds maker, this game would have been a pick’em from the beginning.

Finally, I thought Oregon St at +8 was almost a give away. Oregon St proved to be better than the nation assumed after beating USC. Oregon St didn’t get lucky against USC, they actually outplayed the Trojans. I did not understand why Oregon St was given +8 against an overrated Utah team.

Utah beat Oregon St 31-28 but it was what I expected from this game. If I was setting the line for this game I would have went +5.5.

Some of you might think I have just been getting lucky and maybe I am, but I am not just pulling games out of the air and telling you to bet a certain way. College football is not just a game of numbers, it is a game of emotion, and I factor in the unseen aspect of the game.