WWE WrestleMania 27: The End of an Era, Defining a New One

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2011

WrestleMania is less than two days away, and will occur in Atlanta, Georgia on April 3rd. The hype for the event is off the roof, the anticipation is great, and the card and guests are set for the event. I have to say that this Wrestlemania is going to be a great one if done right.

Cena will challenge Miz for the WWE Title, Del Rio will try to realize his destiny against Edge for the World Title, Undertaker and HHH will wage war with the Streak on the line, Punk and Orton will engage in a battle of vengeance, Lawler will attempt to beat the hell out of Cole with Stone Cold as ref, and the Rock himself will host the event. With all of this, and with a solid undercard, this Wrestlemania, despite seeming weak compared to others, can be a classic if WWE can pull it off right.

But for me, not only will Wrestlemania 27 be a great event, I feel that Wrestlemania 27 will be the definitive end of an era.

Exactly ten years ago, we witnessed not only the greatest Wrestlemania ever, but perhaps the best PPV ever in Wrestlemania X-Seven. With timeless classics such as Beniot/Angle, TLC II, HHH/Taker, and Stone Cold/Rock, and a great undercard, X-Seven was truly amazing.

But it was not only the best PPV, but also the climatic end of the highly successful Attitude Era, signified by Stone Cold selling his soul to Satan himself, Mr. McMahon. And without a doubt, it went out the best way possible.

Now, ten years later, history may repeat itself as an era comes to an end this Sunday.

The signs are shown on the Road to Wrestlemania and the card itself. New stars are the main event with Alberto Del Rio and the Miz seemingly groomed to be the next stars, old Attitude Era faces and stars The Rock and Stone Cold have returned for the big event, the lack of big names such as Jericho and Michaels, and the edginess and looseness of PG seen on the Road to Wrestlemania with cuss words and even a chair shot to the head.

These are all signs pointing that something big is going to happen at Wrestlemania 27, and that it will change the landscape of the WWE and pro wrestling forever. (I refuse to not say WWE is wrestling, no matter what they say). The question is, what will happen to change WWE forever?

We will see two heels for the first time walk out World Champions?

Will we see the passing of a torch and the end of the John Cena Era? 

Will the Undertaker's Streak shockingly be broken this year by Triple H?

Or will we see the end of the PG Era, with the heel turn of John Cena?

Honestly, the last one would be so fitting, as it would be ten years after the shocking heel turn of his predecessor, Stone Cold. I feel that there is no better time than Wrestlemania 27 that this could happen.

But no matter what happens, Wrestlemania 27 will be the End of an Era, one way or another.