Washington Nationals: Is There Any Quality Control at National's Park?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IApril 1, 2011

Everyone in Washington D.C. remembers last season when the Washington Nationals took the field in embarrassing fashion with a few players (including Adam Dunn) having "Nationals" misspelled on their jerseys.

Well, it seems that 2011 is off to an embarrassing start of spelling errors.  Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post posted an article online this morning of an image captured from last night's telecast of the game.

It was a picture of the Nats' D.C. Hall of Fame banner "honoriing" (that's not a type-o by me that's how they spelled it) the heroes of 9-11.

And today a fan (@RinkRebel) tweeted a picture of the Nationals misspelling starting pitcher John Lannan's name on their outfield scoreboard (the Nats spelled it Lannon).

I'm sure all organizations have goof-ups here and there but with two in two days and the Natinals incident last season, one has to wonder what kind of quality control that team has.

And if they can't even spell the team name (or starting pitcher's name) right, what hope does this franchise have of winning anything?

I've heard of ball clubs returning to basics to win, but it seems like the Nationals need to return to basic kindergarten.

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