Why the Blue Jays Should Swap Troy Glaus for Scott Rolen

Dan VerhaegheCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2008

TORONTO -- The 2002 World Series MVP Troy Glaus is almost certainly going to be out of a Toronto Blue Jays uniform in the next few days. Reports suggest that the power-laden Glaus is going to be traded for the seven-time gold glover, Scott Rolen of the St. Louis Cardinals. Both sluggers are coming off subpar injury plagued years in which they saw their production and playing time decline.

However, Toronto general manager J.P. Ricciardi seems confident that like Wells, Rolen can bounce back from shoulder surgery and, when healthy, could be an even better hitter than Glaus. Rolen has better career numbers in every offensive category except for home runs, something that the Jays have plenty of.

Swapping Glaus for Rolen could prove beneficial since the Jays' offense struggled mercilessly throughout last season. A shakeup seems to be in order, especially one involving a player that doesn't always swing for the fences like Glaus.

So bring on Scott Rolen. The only question is, will he get into a quarrel with his new manager John Gibbons? Ted Lilly and Shea Hillenbrand already have. Hillenbrand's had somewhat of a fallout in baseball while Lilly has continued his less than stellar career in Chicago.

Behavior should not be an issue with Rolen. One of his only public quarrels stemmed from getting benched in the playoffs, so it's easy to understand why he would be upset. Every player's dream is to win the World Series.

With Rolen's added defense, and Johnny Mac splitting time with Eckstein at short, the Blue Jays just might have one of the best defensive infields in the league. Glaus has lost a step at third, and it showed at times.

But hey, it remains to be seen how this plays out. Pending a physical, I'm sure.