Zuleyka Rivera, JJ Barea and 6 Other Athlete Couples We Don't Get

Scott HowardContributor IApril 1, 2011

Zuleyka Rivera, JJ Barea and 6 Other Athlete Couples We Don't Get

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    Everybody has that one friend. You know, that one friend who has a girlfriend who's way too hot for him.

    Well the same thing happens with celebrity couples—particularly athletes. Only it's much more infuriating because we have to look at their mismatched faces all over the television and our computer screens on a daily basis.

    Here's a list of some of the athlete couples that leave us scratching our heads and saying, "Really?"

    Try not to throw anything at the computer.

7. Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic

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    Sasha Vujacic never had many fans when he played in Los Angeles. Now that he plays in New Jersey, I'm not sure if he has any fans.

    Actually, we know he has one: his fiancee Maria Sharapova. Sure, Sasha has the shaggy, unshaven, European look that girls for some reason find attractive, but Sharapova could surely do better.

    She's a top-notch athlete herself, so how does she deal with dating someone as mediocre as Sasha? It's got to be the headband.

6. Karina Smirnoff and Brad Penny

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    Karina Smirnoff is a dancer known for her work on Dancing With The Stars, and she apparently has a thing for beer bellies.

    She is currently engaged to journeyman MLB pitcher Brad Penny. Not sure how Penny keeps landing these women (he previously dated Alyssa Milano), but the man clearly gets it done.

    He must have special...um...talents...that we don't know about.

5. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

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    I don't understand why there's not more outrage about this one. Kim and Kris get mentioned all the time, but nobody ever mentions how much of a mismatch this couple is.

    I'm not saying Kris Humphries is a bad looking guy (well, kind of), but we're talking about Kim Kardashian here. She went from Reggie Bush and Miles Austin to this?

    It would be another thing if he was an All-Star. While Humphries is having his best NBA season, he'll never be a franchise player.

    If Khloe can snag a key member of a championship team, Kim should be able to do much better.

    Plus, it's weird that she's dating a man with the same name as her mother.

4. Hayden Panetierre and Wladimir Klitschko

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    It was quite a shock to see that pint-sized actress of Heroes fame Hayden Panetierre was dating heavyweight champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

    Klitschko is 6'6", 250 pounds, while Panetierre is about five feet tall in heels and 100 pounds soaking wet. Don't ask me how they found each other, but the couple seems happy enough.

    Still, there are certain...mechanical...issues...that make it hard for me to believe that these two will last.

3. Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

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    While we can't be surprised that Tom Brady snagged one of the hottest models in the world, we are absolutely stunned that NBA scrub Marko Jaric landed an even hotter model, Adriana Lima.

    Not only is Jaric really weird looking, he wasn't even a good NBA player (7.1 ppg in seven seasons).

    All we can do is shake our heads.

2. Carmella DeCesare and Jeff Garcia

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    In case you don't know who Jeff Garcia is, he was a backup quarterback in the NFL for 10 years but is most known for being called out as a homosexual by Terrell Owens.

    Well, Jeff dispelled those rumors by marrying the 2004 Playmate of the Year, Carmella DeCesare. Sexuality rumors aside, this is still a huge mismatch.

    Garcia is 12 years older than his wife; plus, he's relatively short for a quarterback (listed at 6'1" but more like 5'11") and he has a serious case of male pattern baldness.

    She would have been better off with Hugh Hefner.

1. Zuleyka Rivera and JJ Barea

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    JJ Barea has always been an overachiever on the court. Coming out of Northeastern—not exactly a basketball powerhouse—Barea has been able to turn himself into a serviceable NBA backup while standing just 5'9" or so.

    Apparently, he's an overachiever off the court as well, as he recently revealed his relationship with former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.

    Even if an NBA player is ugly, we know that women like tall guys so we can rationalize it in our heads. That's what makes this couple particularly mind-boggling, as Rivera (in heels) probably stands a good three inches taller than her man.

    The two are both native Puerto Ricans, so that probably gave him a leg up. But still, he does look like this.

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