Ten Reasons the Big Ten Is Awful

Oscar PSenior Analyst IJanuary 14, 2008

As long as I am making lists, I might as well make one that people will get angry about and respond to...

10. There seems to be an inability to count in the Midwest. It's eleven. Seriously, change your conference name unless you plan of kicking out Northwestern.

9. The Big Ten Network is like communism. Novel in theory, idiotic in implementation.

8. Not to get nit-picky, but it's not really the Big Ten. It's more like the Big Four and the occasional other competitor.

7. Kirk Ferentz gets paid how much?!?!?

6. THE Ohio State University. Stop being pretentious, it's Ohio State. Get over yourselves.

5. As long as I am piling on Ohio State: dotting the "I". We get it, your band is damn good and they make other bands look like crap. I am tired of hearing the ten minute "dotting the 'I'" story every time I watch one of your games.

4. Jim Delany: "I wish we had six teams among the top 10 recruiting classes every year, but winning our way requires some discipline and restraint with the recruitment process." Maurice Clarett, Jim? Bueller? Bueller?

3. Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.

2. Michigan State. Seriously, you are the biggest tease since that Britney Spears sex tape that was supposed to exist a few years back. (Pre-Insane Britney.)

1. The Schedule. Really, does every season have to end so early with the same game? Variety is the spice of life fellas. (Of course, telling that to Jim "I can't adjust my game plan, mid-MNC game" Tressel and Jim "Our players aren't thugs" Delany is easier said than done.)