Cubs Fans: Cheer For The Dodgers, Nothing Else Works

chris daviesAnalyst IOctober 4, 2008

For 100 years you loyally have defended your boys in blue and cheered them on despite decades of losing and near misses.

On Thursday night you watched that same club essentially fall apart and give the Dodgers a gift at Wrigley.

Here's my suggestion to you, Cubs fans: cheer for the Dodgers tonight.

You don't have to mean it, I certainly hope you don't. Stay loyal to the Cubs for life because that's what real fans do. Just tonight, however, give it up for the Dodgers.

You're probably wondering why anyone would cheer for the team that is one game from eliminating their favorite team. Well, it's because nothing else seems to work.

The fan support at Wrigley was enough to make each infielder commit an error. So let's take that support and give it to the Dodgers, maybe they will forget how to play baseball too.

Maybe Kuroda and Fukudome will start playing like each other if everyone is cheering for the Dodgers. Fuk will play well against the Dodgers and Kuroda will implode and start giving away runs, it will be like Freaky Friday (on a Saturday).

Perhaps, if every Cubs fan cheers loud enough for the Dodgers the Cubs will put up some runs, play good defense and get a good outing from Rich Harden. You know, play like they're getting paid millions of dollars a year to do so.

They might even sneak a few wins in there if everyone is cheering for the Dodgers. Over the past century with a huge fan base they haven't been racking up those titles by any means, so why not turn the tables on them?

Maybe not, they are the 'lovable losers'. But don't losers deserve to win at least once in a century?