Indian Model Poonam Pandey Says "If India Wins Cricket Cup, I'm Going Nude"

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Indian Model Poonam Pandey Says

Mumbai model Poonam Pandey promises a bare all if her cricket team beats Sri Lanka for the World Cup.

In a news release from New Delhi, young model Pandey thinks nudity will inspire the Indian cricketeers to play better in front of their home crowd to bring home their first championship since 1983.

She says she'll either strip in front of thousands if permitted, but she's also open to a dressing room only peep show if the Indian cricket board permits it.

"I'm a cricket fanatic and a diehard supporter of my nation," she reportedly said. "India needs lots of support and this is my way of supporting the team."

She promises this is not a publicity stunt and wants "to excite our boys to play better."

Hold it! Let's think this over a bit.

Don't cricket matches last a long time?

Don't you stay in one spot for quite a while?

If it rains, might we see a sticky wicket?

I'm not sure having your cricket players excited about nude models will allow them to be their best.

How well can you bowl when aroused?

I'm just asking.

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