WWE Wrestlemania 27 Results: 20 Things We Learned from the Event

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WWE Wrestlemania 27 Results: 20 Things We Learned from the Event

Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

The biggest event of all sports entertainment, WrestleMania 27, is now over.

Regardless of what others might say, I didn't really hate the show. I'm someone who might have critical thoughts, but in the end, I enjoy watching what's available for the time being with a hope of seeing more improvements in the future.

I sure felt something was missing, but I would never go too far as to call it the worst WrestleMania ever. As you will see in the following slides, some matches did deliver. Furthermore, no WrestleMania will be worse that WM 9, 11, 13, 2 and other horrible WrestleManias. I would even say that WrestleMania 25 (excluding Undertaker vs HBK) was more disappointing.

I think it always has to do with how people here set their hopes way too high especially after reading dozens of dirt-sheet reports. The interesting thing, however, was the fact that many people were already expecting a horrible show before it started and they're still complaining about how bad it was after it ended.

It has become a tradition for IWC to always put down any event no matter what happens. Maybe some of us always expects a WrestleMania 17 rewind every year.

I'm sure that outside the IWC dungeon, many casual fans enjoyed it and I can tell you this from my cousin who liked most of the event, even though he thought that it wasn't that brilliant.

Again, I'm not saying that this event was epic by any means. I wouldn't even rank it among the top 10 or top 15 'Manias ever. I might say that the event combined might have not been satisfying for many people and it might have lacked some energy at certain moments. But if we break down each match, you will find some pros.

But saying this doesn't mean that I enjoyed every single moment of WrestleMania, and you'll notice that I will mention many cons that occurred during this event as we go on. 

Like I always do after every PPV, I'll break down several things we learned from the event.

So as you look forward to RAW tonight, and as the road to Extreme Rules begins, let's break down 20 things we learned from last night's grand daddy of them all.

All said and done, let the show begin.

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