WWE WrestleMania 27: Mediocre at Best

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIApril 4, 2011

So far the reaction to WrestleMania 27 from the Internet Wrestling Community has been mostly negative, with some people billing last night's spectacle as the worst WrestleMania ever.

This is an overreaction, as the show had its memorable moments but it will not go down in history as a classic. This was due to a lack of creativity and imagination and some bizarre booking decisions.

Firstly, the decision to leave the United States Championship match off the final card did not make sense. This was a match that could have been the wrestling bout of the night and it would have been the perfect way to start the show.

I feel that Daniel Bryan should have been given his WrestleMania moment and Sheamus at least deserved to be on the card.

This match warped into the dark match battle royal which was won by the Great Khali. This reduces the credibility of the U.S. title still further and denied the live crowd at least the opportunity to see a good match.

The backstage segments were mildly entertaining, with Zack Ryder stealing the Snoop Dogg segment and the Rock and Austin sharing a special moment.

The Corre match turned into a throwaway comedy match that was extremely limited. It was good to see Kofi Kingston get his place in the match due to Kozlov's injury, but he did not even tag into the matchup.

The same was true of Kane, who was the dominant force on Smackdown and the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in recent history a few months ago. Yet the Big Red Machine seems to have barely scraped onto the WrestleMania match card.

I also felt sorry for Wade Barrett, whose contribution to WrestleMania was a big boot to Kane and receiving a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi. This was the man that was involved in the biggest angle of 2010 and competed for the WWE Championship at three pay-per-views.

The decision to put the World Heavyweight Championship match on first was a clear indicator of how the World Heavyweight title has become the "glorified Intercontinental title" in the eyes of Vince. Despite the good match that Del Rio and Edge had, I thought that given more time, they could have stolen the show.

I know I was not the only one that expected a Christian heel turn, but with Rock's interference in the main event, I think a clean finish was necessary here.

I do not think that this will be the end of the feud, and a possible Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules could be on the cards.

Punk versus Orton boasted perhaps the most interesting storyline going into the show, and the two veterans put on a decent to good match. The psychology of the match was done well with Orton selling the knee injury, and there was an awesome finish as Orton caught Punk with a mid-air RKO.

Cody Rhodes versus Rey Mysterio was the best match of the night and Rhodes excelled in his portrayal of an unstable narcissist. The right man went over in this matc,h with Rhodes' victory possibly making him a contender to challenge for the World title somewhere down the line.

King versus Cole was entertaining but too long and although it was great to see King finally get his WrestleMania moment and for Austin to raise hell by stunning Swagger, Booker T and Josh Matthews, the GM's decision to disqualify King was nonsensical.

There is absolutely no way that this feud can continue and has to be a prelude to Cole revealing himself finally as the mystery GM tonight on Raw. 

The Snooki match was again extremely short and barely involved two of the most promising aspects of the youth movement, Morrison and Ziggler, neither of whom tagged in to the match. 

I have no problem with booking a match that involves a celebrity to try and create a pop culture moment, but it is farcical that the WWE wasted two promising talents in a match of this value.

Triple H versus Undertaker was a match with incredible emotional investment from the crowd, and you have to give both of these seasoned veterans credit. In a match that could be the end of the road for both of them, they gave their all and put their bodies on the line. Undertaker performed his patented Suicide Dive and Triple H took an almighty bump off the announce table.

But this match fell short of what HBK and Undertaker achieved, for various reasons. I felt that Undertaker and Triple H, as they were not the main event, felt under pressure and in a rush to get their big moves in, therefore diminishing each move's effectiveness. This eliminated the drama of the match in a big way—although the ending of the match was extremely well done.

The Cena-Miz match was met with a lackluster crowd reaction with the crowd being extremely negative towards Cena. This was never going to be a wrestling clinic, but it came across as a really bland match on television, which I felt was more the fault of the crowd than the wrestlers.

I was incensed when both men were counted out with seven minutes left on my recording. I actually thought that the WWE were going to screw everyone over in the main event.

But then the Rock came out and called for the match to be restarted, and then went on to cost Cena the title.

This was the moment that everybody wanted and it sets up the dream match of Cena versus Rock.

It also was a huge moment for the Miz as he becomes only the second ever heel in WWE history to walk out of the main event with the victory. Hopefully, he will now have a full-fledged feud with Morrison for the WWE title.

All in all, WrestleMania was an average show. It had its moments and it will be remembered for the returns of the Rock, Stone Cold, J.R, Trish Stratus and Booker T.

But from a wrestling standpoint, it was mediocre and most wrestling fans would have expected better from the Showcase of the Immortals.