Cameron Diaz: Baseball WAG To Do Movie with Boy Toy Alex Rodriguez?

Scott HowardContributor IMarch 31, 2011

Cameron Diaz: Baseball WAG To Do Movie with Boy Toy Alex Rodriguez?

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    Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez have been dating for a while now. Apparently they're getting comfortable enough with each other to start mixing business and pleasure.

    There have been reports that Diaz is developing a baseball-themed romantic comedy in which A-Rod will act alongside her.

    This should come as no surprise to New Yorkers, who are used to seeing A-Rod attempting to hog the spotlight.

Diaz Takes Home Female Star of the Year

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    Diaz was recently at CinemaCon at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas, where she received the Female Star of the Year award.

    I'm not sure what performances in the last year made her deserving of that award, but it's a good thing for her. Word on the street is that A-Rod will only work with award-winning actresses.




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Can Blonde Lightning Strike Twice?

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    A-Rod's postseason numbers had always been miserable. Then he started dating Kate Hudson, and suddenly he was as clutch as they come.

    He enjoyed the best October of his career while dating Hudson, and he led the Yankees to the 2009 World Series.

    A-Rod is clearly hoping that his new romance will be able to lead him back to the promised land. He hit .338 this spring and hit a double off the wall on Opening Day, so things are looking good so far.



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A-Rod Jealous of the Competition?

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    The news about A-Rod's big screen debut comes on the heels of a Las Vegas event where Diaz was promoting her new film, "Bad Teacher."

    No big deal, except the movie happens to star Cameron's ex, Justin Timberlake. Sparks were apparently flying on set, as Diaz was quoted as saying (from

    "Justin is so brilliant as a comedian… it’s not hard to laugh with him."

    Justin made the transition from singer to actor, so maybe A-Rod's hoping the baseball-to-actor switch will be just as smooth.




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Diaz in Denial

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    Despite the rumors, Diaz is adamant about the fact that she will not be writing a movie with A-Rod as the star any time soon (from

    "It's absolutely not true. I don't write," said Diaz, "Wow, when did I become a writer?"

    Notice that she just said she won't be writing any movies. She didn't deny that A-Rod may be acting alongside her.

    You have to watch out for those celebrities. They're master wordsmiths.



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Another Role Reversal?

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    If A-Rod goes through with it and tries his hand at acting, will Cameron return the favor by taking up baseball?

    Diaz is known as being a "guy's girl" and looked pretty good taking swings in the batting cage in There's Something About Mary.

    Depending on how Brett Gardner performs this year, the Yankees may have an opening in left field.

    I'm just saying...




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